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How to find the cheapest electric bike conversion kit?

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 eSoulBike electric bike conversion kit, cheap electric bike conversion kit

Ebikes are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for ways to save money on transportation costs. Also, it's one of the most affordable motor vehicles one can buy today.

People are catching on to the fact that ebikes are a great way to get around. That's why the very interest in converting an existing bike into an electric one rises up as well.

If you're thinking of doing the same, there are a few things you need to know first. One thing is the cost. Most people are practical when buying ebikes, so they'll most likely want to buy a cheaper one.

In this blog post, we discuss how to find the cheapest e bike conversion kit, as well as share the info on the cheapest kit we were able to find ourselves.

We'll also provide some tips for choosing a suitable conversion kit. So you can get all the information you need! Read on.


eSoulBike electric bike conversion kit, cheap electric bike conversion kit


Why Consider Electric bike conversion kits in the first place?

An electric bike conversion kit is a go-to way to turn your regular bike into an ebike. You keep your reliable old bike with you and upgrade to the electric version. Isn't it great?

Here are some reasons behind it:


analog bicycle, bicycle, cheap electric bike conversion kit


In a nutshell, it will improve your whole biking experience. A conventional bicycle has numerous advantages, not to mention the electric one is even better.

If you ride a bike daily, your fitness level will undoubtedly increase. And you won't be sweating heavily when pedaling with an ebike conversion kit on.


analog bicycle, bicycle, cheap electric bike conversion kit


An ebike conversion kit is easy to install. You'll have your electric bicycle with just a few steps. Also, it's easier to clean and maintain. It's just like taking care of an ordinary bike.


How to find the fitting e-bike conversion kit?

There are a lot of different conversion kits available on the market, so it can be tricky to find the right one. 

Today's e bike conversion kits market is flourishing and prosperous, with more manufacturers trying to be the best.

Here's a breakdown of some of the most well-known companies producing electric bike conversion kits and what they have to offer:






€532 - €793

$700 - $1300

$999 - $1249


Included components























Some kits included





With shipping fee




25-45 km/h


30-32 km/h

25-32 km/h

Motor Weight

3.2-4.5 kg

2-5.3 kg

1.5kg Power Pack and 1.5kg motor

2.5-4 kg

Battery Capacity




36 V

Tips for finding the cheapest ebike kit

When looking for a cheap ebike conversion kit, there are several factors to take into account. The most important ones are discussed below.

Type of bike

First things first – make sure that the kit is compatible with the type of bike you have. This will ensure that the kit fits properly and works well with your bike.

Electric motor

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the electric motor. Some motors are not very durable and will not last long. You want to find a conversion kit that includes a motor that is both high quality and affordable.

Quality of components

Make sure that the components in the conversion kit are of high quality. This will ensure that the kit lasts a long time and doesn't need to be replaced often.

Ease of installation

Ensure that it is easy to install. This will ensure that you don't have any problems installing it and that it is ready to use as soon as possible.

Weight of the bike

Make sure that the weight of your bike is within the limits of the conversion kit. This will help ensure that your bike doesn't get too heavy after the conversion is complete.

Battery life

The battery in the conversion kit should have a long lifespan, so you don't have to replace it often.

Installation hardware

Ensure all required hardware for this particular ebike conversion kit is there.


Needless to say, the kit should come with a warranty, so you can get it repaired or replaced if something goes wrong with it.

And by the way, being inexpensive doesn't mean it is of poor quality. On the contrary, buying an e bike conversion kit makes the whole process budget-friendly.

Here are some more specific tips on finding the fitting conversion kit:



Included components

Make sure that you’re buying a full package with an LCD or a battery.

Shipping costs

Other ebike conversion kit manufacturers offer free shipping. 

Direct buying

Buying from third-party websites or stores other than the company is pricier. Always buy directly.

Check reviews

Always read reviews. Doing this may save you from a low-performing motor.

Check for coupons and sale

Some electric bike conversion kit companies offer discounts depending on a holiday or event.


When purchasing a low-cost motor, two major tradeoffs must be considered: weight and efficiency. The majority of the 500w and 1000w motors available weigh around 5kg. It’s a significant addition to your bike's weight!

Battery capacity

Look for a 10amp hour battery since this is the industry standard.


Do your due diligence before going for the cheaper E Bike Conversion Kits

Be sure to do your research before buying, and read reviews from other customers

Before buying a conversion kit, a few minutes of research is necessary. Also, finding detailed reviews is one of the most crucial tasks when researching a product online.

However, people's attitude toward worthwhile things varies widely. Here are some of the obvious benefits when researching before buying:

  • You'll be happier with your purchase
  • You'll be choosing the right product
  • It will be the cheapest option
  • No regrets

If you don't do your homework, the electric bike conversion kit might fall short of your expectations. The whole purchase will become a waste of money.


eSoulBike electric bike conversion kit, cheap electric bike conversion kit


Drumroll... One of the cheapest electric bike conversion kits we found is...

TSDZ-2 tongsheng mid drive motor

Tongsheng TSDZ2 36V 250W.


It's only 329 EUR (279 EUR if it's still November 2022). Here you can find all its specifications and features. The video of the very electric bicycle conversion process is also there.

Now, let's unpack it a bit.

Tongsheng's e-bike conversion kit is a wonderful option for those looking to convert their regular bike into an electric bicycle. The installation process is quick and easy, as the kit comes with all of the required parts. Furthermore, the TSDZ2 provides several advantages, such as:

  • The TSDZ2 kit helps cyclists travel up to 25 mph, which can be incredibly useful for arrival times in cities or winning races.
  • It doesn't just make it easy for cyclists to travel farther distances but also helps with commuting or weekend rides. You'll be able to go much further without tiring yourself out.
  • This e bike conversion kit edition is an excellent choice if you are looking for a straightforward way to convert your traditional bicycle into an electric bike.
  • It is highly efficient, which means that you will be able to travel farther using less power. This helps you save money on batteries and lets you travel further without having to worry about running out of power.
  • It is one of the lightest e bike conversion kits on the market, weighing in at only 7.9 pounds. So, it is easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for use on long trips.

The Tongsheng TSDZ2 e-bike conversion kit is an excellent and cheap way to turn your regular bicycle into an e-bike. The installation process is straightforward and only requires a few basic tools.


Switching To Electric Bike

E-bike conversion kits improve the positive features of bicycle riding while softening the negative aspects. For example, you can travel faster for extended periods while not pedaling hard. In addition, installing an e-bike conversion kit allows you to maintain your current bike, save money, and it is reasonably straightforward.


Now that you know the tips on finding the cheapest electric bike conversion kit, you can make a sound decision.

If you're interested in the rear wheel kit, this one should be a good fit for your taste.

And if the Tongsheng kit mentioned above doesn't satisfy your preferences, check out eSoulBike's full range of e bike conversion kits. The complete sets are budget-friendly and top-quality products. 

eSoulBike electric bike conversion kit, cheap electric bike conversion kit

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