Why Choose eSoulbike™?

Suitable for all types of Bikes

Drive on open trails or city roads with the help of the eSoulbike™ electric bike kit. Whether a casual rider or a racer, the eSoulbike™ electric bike modification kit can help you. No matter what bike it is, eSoulbike™ electric bike wheels can improve your riding efficiency and acceleration speed.

Driving Ability of eSoulbike™ kit

The eSoulbike™ electric bicycle motor can propel you to 45km/h. Our motor adopts the most advanced 5-phase brushless permanent magnet technology. This technology provides you with smoother acceleration, pedaling, and greater power to meet your needs.

eSoulbike™ is easier to install

Our electric bicycle motor is powerful and fast. At the same time, it assists the bicycle through pedals, still maintaining the usability and ease of use that cyclists dream of. These electric bicycle motors provide the latest internal speed sensor technology and integrated controller, making the installation neat.

Making easy traveling accessible to all

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Return FAQs

First of all, you have to confirm your rim size. We only provide 26 and 28 inches (29 inches, 700c). The rim width is 1.5-1.95 inches. If it is ES Everest MTB 26", the rim width is 1.95-2.35 inches.

If unsure of your rim size, you can click below to confirm the size.


Of course, you can. If you want a larger battery, you can buy another battery separately. All our products can be sold separately.

The price has included VAT and the freight cost.

Item:Warranty period

Motor:2 years

Lithium barrery:1 years

Controller display:1years

Charger:1 years

Other electric parts:0.5 years

All orders are shipped within 24 hours of placing the order using DHL eCommerce or ePacket, depending on your location and the fastest available service. The typical delivery time frame is between 2 to 7 business days. However, you may receive your items much earlier.

In Europe, most countries have a limit of 250W power for an ebike to be Road Legal. That's why most of the kits we offer are 250W Versions. Wikipedia has a great article about different electric bike laws in Europe.