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Powerful Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Step into sustainable commuting with our leading eBike conversion kits, designed to accommodate a variety of wheel sizes. Our top-selling kits transform any bicycle into a high-performance eBike, offering superior performance, reliability, and easy installation. Embrace an eco-friendly future with us; whether for recumbents, mountain bikes, road bikes, or electric trikes.

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About eSoulbike

About eSoulbike : Pedal into the Future

We're eSoulbike, a team fueled by passion and a love for cycling. Our mission? Making eBike adventures affordable and accessible for everyone. We envision a world where electric bikes are the norm, promoting healthier communities and a greener planet.

Join us as we ride towards a future where everyone can enjoy the thrill of electric riding, regardless of their economic status.

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eSoulbike at your service
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Expert service from our highly-rated team of technicians, both online and at our service centers in France and Poland. In need of maintenance?

Visit us on-site for hands-on support, or access our online video repair services for expert guidance right from your home. We're dedicated to keeping your ride smooth and your eBike in top shape.

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Is converting your bike to an electric bike worth it?

Absolutely, converting your bike to an electric bike can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you have a DIY e-bike kit like the ones we offer at eSoulbike™.

Firstly, an e bike conversion kit can breathe new life into an old or unused bicycle, whether they are road bikes, mountain bikes, or even commuter bikes. Instead of purchasing a new electric bike, which can be costly, you can simply convert your existing bike into an electric bike with our kits. This is not only economical but also a sustainable choice, as it helps reduce waste.
Our kits come equipped with a powerful motor that can be installed in the front hub of your bike, regardless of the bike wheel size. This motor power provides a significant boost, especially when pedaling uphill or against strong winds, making your ride smoother and less strenuous. Furthermore, our kits include a pedal assist mode, which means you can choose the level of assistance you want from the motor.
What's more, our kits come with a high-quality lithium-ion battery that provides long-lasting power for your adventures. And if you own electric trikes, we've got you covered too! Our kits are compatible with a variety of bike types.
Lastly, the process of electric conversion is straightforward. You don't need to be an expert or visit a bike shop to install our kit. With some basic tools and a bit of time, you can convert your bike into an eBike in your own garage.
So, is it worth converting your bike to an electric bike? We believe it is! With an eSoulbike kit, you get the benefits of a complete electric bike without the hefty price tag. It's an affordable, sustainable, and fun way to experience the joys of electric bicycles!

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