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The Complete Guide to Mid Drive Motor Kits in 2022

The Complete Guide to Mid Drive Motor Kits in 2022


E-bikes conversion kits, like what eSoulBike offers, have become increasingly popular in recent years. These kits convert regular bikes into e-bikes so people can get around town without dealing with the hassle of traffic.

If you're considering converting your bike, read on for the latest information on the mid-drive ebike kit. We'll look at what's available on the market and the pros and cons of using one. After reading this post, you'll be ready to decide which kit suits you!

1. What are mid drive kits and what do they do?

mid drive ebike kit, eSoulBike mid drive ebike kit


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the mid drive ebike conversion kit,

let's describe them first. Mid-drive motor kits have electric-assist motors that drive through the pedal cranks. The motor employs a sophisticated gear arrangement and a torque sensor to give electric assistance through the pedal cranks.

These electric bike conversion kits have grown in popularity recently. The technology behind them has become more powerful, lighter, and economical, with new mid-drive improvements announced every year.

2. How do you choose the best mid drive kit for your needs and budget?


Before you go out and buy a mid-drive ebike kit, you should know a few things about your bike.


bottom bracket, mid drive ebike kit

Bottom bracket

  • Check if it's JIS or BSA standard
  • The bottom bracket shell must be threaded
  • The bottom bracket’s width must be at least 68-73mm



  • Depends on the way you use the bike



  • Bigger motor, the faster your battery drains
  • Consider the battery life



  • Cadence sensor detects when and how fast the pedals are moving
  • Torque sensors provide power based on the rotational force exerted to the crankset



  • Mid drive motors put a lot of stress on the frame, make sure the bike is sturdy


3. What are some of the best-selling mid drive kits on the market today?

Different mid drive ebike kits dominate the market today, but only a handful are top-tier. Here’s a buying guide of some of the best mid drive ebike kit:

EsoulBike Mid Drive eBike Kit

mid drive motor, mid drive motor kit, mid drive ebike kit, eSoulBike mid drive ebike kit


eSoulBike is one of the best ebike conversion kit manufacturers. The company has a great line of ebike kits, including a mid-drive one.


It has an internal control axial torque sensor (an accurate double-sided torque). Once installed, you'll have a comfortable ride with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and extended battery life.

Bafang BBS02


mid drive eBike kit


You can mount on the Bafang mid-drive eBike kit over 90% of commonly used frames. The setup is simple enough that any average rider can do it.


Generally, the 1000w mid-drive ebike kit power range and small size are ideal. Also, the motor is very calm. It produces no noise when you're using it. Also, the 500W/25A unit runs on a more economical 36V battery for E-bikers who don't ride on steep slopes.

GNG 450W brushless


mid drive ebike kit


You can install this mid-drive ebike conversion kit on almost any bicycle frame. It's a superior choice for off-road rides. The GNG can take more power for longer since it has more copper mass and can shed heat better.

Pendix eDrive150start

mid drive ebike kit


Bendix's mid-drive ebike kit has a torque-sensing pedal. However, the difficulty with such a system is its intricacy. Taking apart a bottom bracket may seem simple, but it might be scary to others.


Additionally, the eDrive150start is at the higher end of the price spectrum. However, you can be assured that the system is fitted correctly and that your bike is ready.

Cycmotor X1 PRO GEN 2

mid drive ebike kit


The X1 PRO Gen 2 2021 is a high-powered mid-drive ebike kit that fits most standard bike frames. Each kit has torque-sensing, an aluminum chainring cover, and a free mobile app to tailor your riding performance.


The motor maintains a flawless chain line and tucks up high off the ground. It produces power at the cadence you choose and senses when you crank up your effort.


Here's a table to summarize the details of each ebike mid-drive kit:



Bracket Bottom Compatibility


Max Torque




€410 ($427)


25-40 km/h

80 N.m.



40 - 59 Volts



Up to 25+mph

120 - 130 N.m.

750W / 1,470 W


24/ 36V 


Has bottom bracket spacers





48 V

€999 ($1042)


25 km/h

32 N.m.



36-72 V




150 N.m.



mid drive ebike kit, woman riding ebike on road


4. What are some of the pros and cons of using a mid drive kit on your electric bike build project?

man sitting with bike, mid drive ebike kit


Every product has pros and cons. Here are some of the ups and downs of a mid-drive ebike kit:

For infographic:



Perfect for climbing steep slopes


Low motor weight and centered frame result in a more balanced sensation

Louder motor

Uses the bike’s gears to keep the RPMs in the efficient range

Installation is a bit tricky

Easy to change a flat tire

Has more moving parts

No broken spokes

Chains and sprockets wear down faster

5. Which electric bike brand is best for using a mid drive kit?


parked bike, parked bicycle, mid drive ebike kit


Choosing the ideal bicycle for your ebike mid-drive conversion kit is critical. Moreover, there's no specific bicycle brand to use a mid-drive ebike kit. But there are some considerations you need to check. Here are some

  1. Frame – chromoly, steel, or aluminum are top-tier, so look for those
  2. Bottom bracket and handlebars – check if the mid drive ebike kit components fit perfectly
  3. Battery mounting – the battery’s weight should be as low and centered to avoid imbalance and improve handling

6. How difficult is it to install a mid drive kit on an electric bike?


mid drive ebike kit installation, how to install mid drive ebike kit



Installing a mid drive ebike kit

is trickier than standard ebike conversion kits. Depending on the compatibility, you can put an ebike mid-drive kit on any kind or brand of bicycle. But it's still manageable as long as you have the right tools and follow the instructions properly.

Some of the tools you need are a crank puller, a lockring wrench, and a bottom bracket tool. The mid-motor easily slides in once you have removed some of the parts. You can put the other parts pretty straightforwardly. You just need to know where to put them.



couple riding ebikes, riding ebike, mid drive ebike kit


Mid-drive motors are becoming more and more popular as the technology behind them becomes better and better. They're perfect for cyclists who are constantly climbing steep slopes. Not to mention, the price is economical and has a straightforward installation process.

If you like those features, go check out eSoulBike. They have a great motor with its mid-drive ebike kit that's affordable and effortless to assemble.

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