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Great Reasons to Commute with an e-Bike

Great Reasons to Commute with an e-Bike

Spring is here and summer is on the horizon - it’s time to enjoy. Having been cramped up in our homes so long we here at eSoulbike highly recommend everyone to get out and enjoy some fresh air. 

If your summer holidays are not here yet we think a great way to enjoy the outdoors is to commute to work by cycling. As you may know, we of course want to promote this way of commuting in our mission to lower greenhouse gasses and save the planet but there are also other benefits to this kind of travel. So here’s a list how an e-bike for adults can make our work lifes better. 

  1. Enjoy outdoors - It’s finally spring and the weather is so inviting. Why not enjoy the beautiful nature now that it wakes up after a long winter.

  2. Take a detour - Leave a bit early and take a detour on your way to work. You might discover some new cool places that you’d like to return to later. Plus don’t worry about being all sweaty when getting to work. Using an e-bike can make you ride sooo much easier that you won’t be needing a shower or a second set of clothes when you arrive.

  3. It wakes you up - If you are like me and feel a bit sleepy in the morning I highly recommend commuting with an e-bike for waking up. Trust me, eat beats a crummy bus and rush hour traffic anytime.

  4. It’s healthy - While a major point of having an e-bike is easy and assisted riding it still gives your muscles some nice exercise. If your work includes a lot of sitting down then this surely is a great way to flex your body a bit

  5. Free and easy parking - No need to worry about parking anymore, most places have easy parking for bicycles and unlike parking spaces for cars these are usually free.

  6. Relieves stress - Well, from the above points you can probably see where this came from. Healthy and easygoing morning ride brings you to the office in a better mood. And once it’s time to leave you’ll arrive home happy too as a little ride is a great way to take a breather from work related issues. 

So if after all these great points you feel like taking the next step and joining us bike commuters why not check out eSoulbike e-bike conversion kits to soup up your bike.


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Happy rides from eSoulbike team!

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