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How to Maintain E-Bike for Optimal Performance: Tips and Tricks

How to Maintain E-Bike for Optimal Performance: Tips and Tricks

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Electric bicycles will be more visible on the streets by 2022. The technology that goes into them has never been cheaper or more widely available. They're popular among commuters, recreational cyclists, and even roadies and mountain bikers.

As a result, by 2023, the total number of electric bikes in circulation worldwide is estimated to exceed 300 million. eSoulBike is helping with this growth by providing an easy and affordable e-bike conversion kit for any bike type. The conversion kits have a simple installation process and are highly eco-friendly.

As with any bike, keeping up with the maintenance of an eSoulBike e-bike conversion kit will make them safer. It's also more enjoyable to ride with a well-maintained bike and extend the life of the components. 

That’s why we made a maintenance guide with cleaning recommendations, battery care information, and other relevant electric bike care information. The tips and tricks will make the most out of your bike and keep it roadworthy.

Hassle-Free eSoulBike Maintenance

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With the eSoulBike electric bicycle conversion kit, you'll be able to enjoy riding your bike again! Its maintenance is straightforward.

You don’t need any special steps or a dizzying care plan. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, as it may save you from a trip to the service shop.

eSoulBike Maintenance Tips and Tricks

We'll go over some tips and tricks for bikes equipped with an eSoulBike conversion kit below. These pointers can help you improve your electric bike's range, braking and handling, and overall riding experience.

Battery Preservation

electric bike battery, e-bike battery, electric bicycle battery, eSoulBike battery, electric bike conversion kit with battery and charger, electric bike conversion kit with battery

An e-bike’s battery is its heart and soul. Without it, you’ll be pedaling hard uphill. Although it’s hard to care for a sealed battery, there are ways to keep your eSoulBike battery in great shape.

Most electric bike battery packs may be charged either directly on the bike. Some can be removed and swapped out for charging. Make sure to fully charge your e-bike according to the manufacturer's instructions when you first obtain it.

You should avoid storing the battery of your e-bike at high temperatures. Extremely hot and cold conditions have various effects on your battery. Generally, extreme heat and high temperatures might cause the battery to overheat, causing burns or damage to your electric bike.

riding snowy bike road, riding electric bike snowy road, electric bike winter

Consequently, cold weather and sub-zero temperatures can reduce speed and range. As a result, you'll need to charge your battery more frequently during the winter or when the temperature is colder.

electric bike battery, e-bike battery, electric bicycle battery, eSoulBike battery, bike conversion kit with battery

Another great tip is to avoid leaving your battery charged or entirely depleted for extended periods. Keeping your battery charged during regular use and at 60% capacity during long-term storage is always good.

Lastly, while some chargers appear to work with various batteries, you should only use the charger designed specifically for yours. Because batteries don’t always charge the same way, using the wrong charger could damage your eSoulBike battery.


cleaning bicycle wheel, cleaning electric bike wheel

Cleaning with an eSoulBike conversion kit is similar to cleaning a standard bike. The only difference is that you must avoid getting the electrical components wet.

Additionally, the most important thing to remember is to remove the battery and display before cleaning. Prevent water from touching the battery holder and any exposed connections. You can cover them with a towel or wrap them in a film.

Clean the battery with a damp cloth and a dry brush to remove any dirt from the connections. You can also clean and lubricate the battery connectors as well. Just remember to fully dry the bike and other components before replacing the battery and display.

Here are some of the types of cleaning solutions or materials to use on your e-bike:

  • Bike cleaner – to remove stubborn dirt on the bike’s frame
  • Chain cleaner/degreaser – to remove dirt and oil from your bike's drivetrain
  • Lubricant – required to keep your bike's drive system in good working order once it has been cleaned
  • Grease – to lower friction, making threaded components less likely to seize

The “no pressure washing” is still in effect for bikes equipped with the eSoulBike e-bike conversion kit. People become overly enthusiastic about cleaning and utilizing pressure washers on their bikes. Although you think you put the parts securely, you may make them loose and fall off during a ride.

Submerging the electric bike in canals, rivers, and lakes to clean them is also a hard no. It will make the oil and grease emulsify, and the bearings are shot.

Motor Maintenance


eSoulBke motor, electric bike motor, e-bike conversion kit motor

Because eSoulBike motors are sealed, there is nothing you can or should do to keep them in good working order. Keep an eye out for any wear, tear, or damage to the casing. Also, be extra careful when cleaning your e-bike to avoid getting water into the motor unit.

Additionally, remove the battery and replace it if the motor starts acting abnormally or the LCD shows an error code. The motor system on most e-bikes is designed to reset when the battery is removed and replaced. So simply turning it off and on again should cure most motor difficulties.

However, if problems persist, it's advisable to contact a bike shop or the manufacturer for assistance. It’s a divine rule never to attempt to tinker with the motor's housing on your own.

Tire and Sensor Care

Even though you have a working battery and motor, you'll run into some problems if your tires are not well-maintained. Have the correct tire inflation and get replacement tires. They have strong sidewalls, high grip, and some puncture resistance, all desirable qualities when replacing worn-out tires.

On the other hand, rim brakes are designed to last thousands of miles. However, each rider's situation will be unique because everyone rides differently.


eSoulBike brake, electric bike brake, e-bike conversion kit brake

High-quality rim brakes can last 3,000 to 6,000 miles (5,000 to 10,000 kilometers). But if you ride hard or regularly, you may need to replace your brakes more frequently.

Braking too hard or frequently can cause early wear to your e-bike brake pads. The harder you brake, the harder your electric bike's brakes and other components will have to work. It's best to keep your brakes dry and only use them when required.

eSoulBike sensor, electric bike sensor, e-bike conversion kit sensor


Always double-check the e-bike sensors, so you don’t have a weird reading on your LCD. Wipe it clean with alcohol and a paper towel. Just be extra careful not to dislodge it from its position.

e-bike LCD screen, eSoulBike LCD Display

eBike Maintenance Checklist


electric bike ride desert sand, fat bike electric conversion kit

Now that you know the different maintenance tips and tricks, you should know about the maintenance checklist. This checklist will help you prepare for a ride and teach you post-ride e-bike care.

Although you need to check every part of the e-bike, the first things you need to check are the tires, brakes, motor, and battery. If you're riding with deflated tires, you may not get the range out of the bike that you want.

deflated bicycle tire, deflated electric bike tire, deflated e-bike tire

For a city ride, your tires should be inflated to between 80 and 130 psi. However, you need to adjust it at lower pressure levels when mountain riding.

Check for any dirt or debris on the brake pads that could reduce their performance. Take the e-bike for a quick ride to ensure the brakes operate properly. When firmly applied, they should bring your bike to a complete stop.

bike tire tracks on mud, electric bike tire tracks on mud

The quick ride also acts as a test drive for the motor. If problems persist after removing and replacing the removable battery, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

It would be best to make sure that the battery is fully charged from an electrical standpoint. You should do this ahead of time to ensure that you have enough time to charge it. There's nothing worse than showing up for a ride with only one battery bar.

Lastly, keep your e-bike out of the elements and store it in a covered area. The components of an eSoulBike’s conversion kit are water-resistant and ready to ride even in bad weather. But e-bikes, like other vehicles, will eventually deteriorate if left in the sun, snow, or rain.

If at all possible, keep your e-bike inside. However, if that isn't a possibility, consider covering it with a protective cover. Also, always thoroughly clean the e-bike and its parts before storing them. It will ensure that your electric bicycle is in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long will my eSoulBike battery last?

It depends on the type of battery. But lithium-ion batteries, like the ones used by eSoulBike, normally last between 3 and 5 years if properly maintained. However, even if not used, a lithium battery will gradually lose capacity over time.

Can you buy an additional eSoulBike battery and motor?

Of course, you can! eSoulBike has a wide variety of products to suit your needs. If you need a backup battery or motor, just get another one from our store all by itself.

Why has my eSoulBike electric bike stopped working?

The most probable cause is a battery malfunction, and it could be time to perform some battery maintenance. Most of the time, the solution is typically as easy as a dead electric bicycle battery. Always check if your battery is charged when your motor isn't working properly.

E-Bike That Lasts Longer


electric mountain bike, electric mountain bike conversion kit, guy on electric mountain bike

There are many great
reasons to commute using an e-bike, especially one equipped with an eSoulBike e-bike conversion kit. But e-bike maintenance is essential if you want to prevent costly repairs or replacements later on.

These are some quick and simple maintenance tasks that you may perform on your own to increase your electric bike's lifespan significantly.

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