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How to store and extend an ebike battery

How to store and extend an ebike battery

Due to the falling price of lithium-ion batteries, the cost of electric bicycles is also falling, and the technology continues to improve, and most electric bicycle manufacturers will use long-life lithium batteries. Lithium electric bicycle batteries are compact and lightweight compared to previous battery types.

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This means that e-bikes are not as heavy and the batteries work in a variety of temperatures. This means cyclists can ride e-bikes in more situations throughout the year.

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To ensure your bike is ready for your next adventure, be sure to take care and care of your e-bike battery.This article will show you how to maintain and extend your e-bike battery life and runtime.


Best ways to store an e-bike battery


  • Ensure your lithiumbattery is always charged


The way of charging has a great influence on the life of the battery.

Remember not to wait until the battery is completely dead to recharge. Make sure to maintain continuous power.

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If you wait until it's empty to recharge, its capacity will decrease. That's why it's recommended that you keep your battery around 50%-80%, even if you're riding short distances.

Shallow discharge and shallow charge preserve battery life better. They don't stress the battery, extending the life of the battery.

Use partial discharge and regular charging to extend battery life. When the battery power is reduced to 50%, the battery needs to be charged.

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To ensure long battery life, do not use other chargers, but use the original charger for the battery. Each charger has unique input and output capacities. Using the wrong charger can also be dangerous, and in some cases there is a risk of explosion or fire.

It's okay if your battery gets completely discharged occasionally. However, it is best to charge it every few rides to avoid 100% discharge.

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  • Create the Best Environment for Your Battery


If possible, avoid exposing your e-bike battery to high temperatures, sub-freezing temperatures, or high humidity. Avoid shock, vibration and puncture. The better the environment, the longer your battery will run at capacity.

Extremely high or low temperatures can impair its performance. Lithium batteries prefer cooler temperatures.

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If you want to extend the life of your e-bike battery, don't let it get hot, it's not good to be hot to the touch.

The recommended temperature for storing batteries is between 10°C and 30°C. Temperatures above 40°C should be avoided.

The lithium powder inside the battery loses its resistance when heated. Elevated temperatures will cause the battery to discharge faster.

Cool temperatures are better for storing batteries. Your battery will last longer. This is because lithium powder increases resistance in cooler conditions.

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  • Keep your battery clean and dry


Keeping your battery clean and dry is critical if you want to keep it looking its best. While most batteries are waterproof, they won't be damaged by rain.

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However, if they get dirty or wet, they need to be cleaned. Be sure to remove the battery from the bike before starting the cleaning process.

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Cleaning should be occasional and should not be washed directly with water. Because cleaning with water may interfere with electronic components. So use a can of compressed air.

If you don't have one, you can clean the terminals and switches with a cotton swab dampened with 90% alcohol. Or wipe the surface with a damp cloth.


How to extend an e-bike’s battery life 


  • Avoid charging the battery immediately after discharge


When you're done riding, you need to let the battery go from discharging to charging. However, the battery needs to be allowed to cool down before charging. Charging a heated battery can cause it to degrade rapidly.

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  • Avoid rapid battery discharge


Delaying battery charging until use can cause battery degradation. Therefore, please charge the battery before use and avoid rapid discharge.


  • Minimize prolonged 100% charging


Electric bike owners should avoid running at full capacity for extended periods of time—all night. Try to charge to around 80% instead of overcharging to 100%, and most lithium-ion batteries will last longer.

Better yet, figure out your daily travel needs and use that to determine the best way to charge and for how long.

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  • Avoid 100% to 0% deep discharge


You don't need to fully discharge the battery on a regular basis. Discharging a Li-Ion battery to 0% can wreak havoc on the battery. Since lithium batteries have no memory, they can be recharged when needed.

As mentioned earlier, shallow discharges and charges are better because they don't stress the battery.

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Occasional total battery discharge is a minor concern, but best practice is to charge it every few rides to avoid 100% discharge.




Electric bikes are fast becoming an enjoyable and convenient mode of travel. They have many benefits, are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and are a great way to commute every day.

For all e-bike owners, proper battery care will allow you to enjoy longer rides. That’s all for a quick and straightforward introduction to battery care on how e-bike riders can maintain and extend the life of their e-bikes.

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