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How does eSoulbike help fight climate change?

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Considering that climate change and global warming are redefining issues of our time and we are at a defining moment, we have to adapt our strategy in order to survive those major impacts through taking drastic action. With respect to the main causes of climate change and the actions that are economically affordable to take without causing massive unemployment, cutting down the vehicle exhaust emissions has been prioritized and promoted by the UN, governments, and various notable international organizations.


In order to fulfil that objective, green commuting is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for people not only because it doesn’t release carbon dioxide but also that it costs much less resources and hence less pollution to manufacture/maintain/recycle bicycles.


Nevertheless, a major concern for bicycles or e-bikes is that for owners, it’s hard to fix/upgrade their bikes due to the limited options that are available in the market. This is because the market has less profitability than, let’s say, a car or a motorcycle industry such that there is a lack of motivation for companies to produce qualified components for bikes, especially e-bikes, at a low cost.


But the good news for European cyclists is that eSoulbike has entered the market! We aim to provide equipment and components for cyclists to modify their bikes/e-bikes into the ideal type they are looking for. Instead of buying a new one to break down its components which is far more expensive and wasteful for resources, with the excellent and diverse product line of eSoulbike, our customer can just purchase the components of bikes at a low cost to construct or DIY by and for themselves (assisted by the free instruction menu and video eSoulbike provides). Our business model is suitable for the customers who like to construct their bicycles in any way they want, and the customers who want to fix their bicycles but couldn’t find the components to fit in.


Nonetheless, let’s not deviating from the environmental benefits brought by eSoulbike which are the main focus of this blog: In short, eSoulbike is environmentally friendly and helps to fight climate change.


First of all, the battery eSoulbike provides is made of ternary lithium. This type of battery doesn’t pollute the environment for it contains zero heavy metals and rare metals, contrasting with the generic battery many other companies would prefer to use. SGS, the world well-known company specializing in inspection and certification has verified the ternary lithium battery as toxic-free and pollution-free. ROHS from Europe reaches to the same conclusion regarding the battery. Since eSoulbike adopts the ternary lithium battery as a default one, we can guarantee you that there will be no pollution during the manufacturing, operating, and recycling of the battery. As a cyclist, your only responsibility after putting on eSoulbike’s battery is to enjoy your ride as much as you can.


Secondly, as a leader in achieving sustainable development, we are proud to announce that the vast majority of eSoulbike’s products can be recycled into making new ones. For instance, some of our products are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. This material is sustainable because it can still be recycled even after breaking it. The texture and structure of PVC can endure countless recycling processes while still be proven to be reliable and endurable in making a new eSoulbike product.


As a comparison, some companies prefer to cut their spending by adopting other materials from their suppliers that are cheaper in exchange for a lower recycling ratio. However, the negative externality of the optimization of their supply chain is the environment and the people who live there. Here at eSoulbike, it’s our social responsibility to serve the customers while also minimizing the pollution to the environment. We do not make a trade-off between the profit and the green.


As a matter of fact, with the upgrade and new technologies introduced to our production line, eSoulbike’s battery can also be recycled. But don’t worry about it cuz we have made sure that the safety of our customers always comes first. We have strict regulations in our factory and an excellent project management team to ensure the quality of products made of recycling materials or new materials. We have a reputation for quality obsession. If the product isn’t qualified, we won’t allow it to be sold in the market.


In sum, eSoulbike’s vision and mission are to contribute to green commuting and become a part of the solutions to climate change. We position ourselves as a company of having the customer and environment obsession and consider that the advantage of our company, contrast with the low-cost strategy many of our competitors are adopting.


Therefore, if you would like to modify your bike/e-bike but consider the qualification of battery and recycling of the components a priority for doing your part for the environment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to eSoulbike since we share the same goal. ESoulbike, the conversion kit expert, why don’t you order yours today.

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