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Tips to preserve Esoulbike's batteries

Hello, cyclists, and welcome to our instruction on Esoulbike’s battery. In this blog, we are gonna give you some tips in terms of how to use and store the battery in order to improve your overall cycling experience. This will be the first but not the last blog to introduce our batteries and kits to you.


First and foremost: obviously, we recommend you to keep the battery away from heat, or any sort of fire, high voltage and certainly children. Also, try not to beat the hell out of the battery or drop it from high horse.


Also, in case that you are a huge fan of customized bicycles, please don’t short circuit the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. Do not demolish or disassemble the battery by yourself. We highly recommend you let the professional handle the battery.


Esoulbike’s battery is made of lithium. Therefore, due to the attributes of lithium, it is in your best interest to discharge the battery partially than completely. Please, unplug the charger immediately after charging is complete. This is because the decline of utility and life span of a lithium cell is determined by the temperature and the state of charging. For your reference, we have compared the same battery’s status over months and years under different sets of temperature and charging status:



Charging 40% of the battery

Charging 100% of the battery


98% left after a year

94% left after a year


96% left after a year

80% left after a year


85% left after a year

65% left after a year


75% left after a year

60% left after three months


In our experience, the temperature we recommend for you to store a battery is 25 degrees. Certainly, that shouldn’t be a big problem in Europe, as long as you store your battery/bike inside a room/garage and charging the battery (in case you don’t use it) to 40%.


But there is another problem. If you just buy an Esoulbike’s battery and store it for the long term, please make sure the temperature is between 10~30 degrees while the humidity is between 45 to 85%, and charge and then discharge the battery every three months in order to restore its functionality. On the other hand, if it’s just for the short term, then make sure the environment is dried with respect to the temperature between -20~35 degrees. The temperature for the short-term storage should be the same for the long-term one.          


Regarding the life span of an Esoulbike’s lithium battery’s utility, it is 500 cycles provided that temperature is between 20~25 degrees. Lower than that, it will be reduced to 300 cycles.


So that’s it. That’s how we recommend you to store an Esoulbike’s battery. If you want to know more, please click on the product page and you will see the full instruction there. And stay tuned to Esoulbike’s blog. We will see you next time.


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