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What is an E-bike Conversion Kit and How to Choose One?

What is an E-bike Conversion Kit and How to Choose One?

Well if you are reading this you are probably interested in getting an e-bike. The question is which kind of an e-bike you want and how much it costs. If you do a little research you find that the full on e-bikes are expensive and can easily run up to thousands of dollars. On the other hand, the world is full of conventional bicycles and you probably already own one too.

This is where the e-bike conversion kits enter the picture. You can get a more affordable solution by turning your old bike to an e-bike in the shop or do some DIY project if you feel like it. Converting a bike to an electric one is pretty straightforward. Plus if you are like me then you might enjoy a whole project of sanding off your old bike, giving it a nice new coat of paint and while you are at it throwing a motor in there.

So after you have chosen a bike to convert the next thing is to choose which kind of conversion kit you are going to get. The choice typically falls to three different choices:

  • Concealed conversion kits - these are a sleek and stealthy way of doing the conversion but generally these are harder to install and the range is poorer due to the limitations it sets for the battery size. These kits tend to be on the expensive side too.
  • Friction drive conversion kits - these are a pretty funny way of doing it as it reminds me of the old timey cars and bikes. You literally install a motor on top of your wheel which then spins your wheel though direct contact with the rubber. It’s not elegant at all but it works. Longevity can be an issue though as the wheel will lift dirt and water where the motor’s wheel is. The added friction will also cause added stress for the rubber that may cause it to deteriorate faster.
  • Mid-drive conversion kits - With these kits you’ll mount the motor and batteries to the frame of the bike which is similar with the ready made e-bikes with the difference that as ready made e-bikes have built in protection for the equipment when as a conversion kit this leaves your equipment quite exposed to the elements: puddles and dirt should be avoided with this option.
  • E-bike Wheel kits - Lastly the best way of doing conversion in our opinion. This is the way eSoulbike chose to build it’s conversion kits. In this option the motor is built in the wheel itself so the motor can be protected from the elements and there’s no added stress to the rubber of the wheel. Other benefits are that the motor can be on the front or rear wheel and the battery can be mounted either on the frame or the rack in the back.

So after you have chosen the way you want to go you are left with the specs of the equipment:

  • Motor - This decides how much power your new e-bike will have. It’s pretty easy to say that check the Watts that the motor has. How much power you need is a question how fast you want and also how much torque you need. For Adults it’s important that the motor has enough muscle to handle hills and a bit rougher terrain. eSoulbike currently offers 250W and 1500W high performance models that have 120 Kg and 150 Kg max loads.
  • Battery - It basically determines how much range you get with your bike but another thing to keep in mind is the recharge speed. If you use your bike a lot you want to charge your bike quick enough. If you use your bike for commuting at the office which is a bit far away you’d be happy to know that eSoulbike’s battery charge time is typically 5-6 hours.
  • Built quality. You will want to look for waterproofing, double walled rims and good materials in general so that your new e-bike has no problems no matter what you throw at it

With eSoulbike’s conversion kits you will also get all the other parts that are needed for e-bike such as Pedal assistant and brake sensors, controllers, throttles and charger.

Our conversion kits work with almost all bike models from city bikes to tricycles. So if you have made up your mind please check out our full product listings and choose the right model for you.

Have fun with your converting project and we wish you happy rides on your new e-bike!

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