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4 Things You Need to Know About Bike Wheels

4 Things You Need to Know About Bike Wheels

For any enthusiast planning to switch their bike or is simply planning to ride a bike, it is crucial to understand wheels. Bike wheels are not simply round structures with an outer tube of rubber; they are part of the very essence of your ride in terms of how it works and is ridden.

When it comes to choosing bike wheels it's your choice and requirements that matters the most for example Quick release bike wheels and electric bike wheels each offer unique advantages depending on your needs. Here's how to measure bike wheels and select the right type for you. Let's get rolling!

Bike Wheel size guide

1. How To Measure Bike Wheel Size?

The correct measurement of your bike wheel size is crucial if you are either getting new wheels or adjusting your existing ones. Correct measurement assists in improving the biking experience as well as minimizing risks of accidents.

  1. Remove the Wheel: Before you start measuring, it's best to remove the wheel from the bike. This will give you full access to accurate measurements.

  2. Measure the Diameter: Use tape to measure and stretch it from one end of the rim to the other. This will provide you with the required wheel diameter.

  3. Combine Measurements: Bicycle wheel measurements are mostly based on inches, for both diameter and width, which are written in the format 26 x 1. 75. This combined measurement made it easy to determine the type of tires to use and the size as well.

ebike wheel size guide

2. What Size Bike Wheel Do I Need?

Choosing the correct bike wheel size is most important for cyclists. Your height and riding style are the most important points to remember

  1. Rider Height and Leg Length:

Rider height and leg length influence the need for different wheel sizes. For example, you might ask what size a 26 inch wheel bike for what size person? Here's a chart for rear wheel sizes based on rider height and leg length:

rider height and whell size

For people with larger heights or specific preferences, wheel size may vary based on the exact requirements and riding conditions.

  1. Type of Biking: Every biking activity requires a specific wheel size to be effective and efficient in completing the task at hand. While road bikes may incorporate slender tires for high speeds, mountain bikes are generally designed with wider tires.

  2. Bike Fit and Comfort: A person's comfort comes first. Make sure the wheels and frame of the bike fit your body type and riding style.

  3. How to Measure Child Bike Wheel Size: The wheel size for a child's bike is important for ensuring their comfort and safety. Typically, children's bikes are sized by the diameter of the wheels. Here’s a guide:

wheel size for a child's bike

A bike wheel size guide is very useful since it shows people the correct wheel size depending on measurements and riding style. With these tips, you will have a guarantee of the right wheel to enhance your riding experience, thus making it excellent.


How to true a bike wheel

3. How To True A Bike Wheel?

Bike truing is a process by which a wheel is balanced in such a way that it will run in a straight path without wobbling. This process is very important since it helps to eliminate any wobble and lessen the stress on the bicycle body and tires.

  1. Identify the Problem: Twirl your fingers around the rim of the glass and watch for any signs of a weakened point or any area of the rim that is bent or looks uneven.

  2. Adjust Spokes: a spoke wrench is used to adjust the tension of the spokes with the intention of leveling the rim. The spokes on the side towards the rim that wants to lean more should be tightened, while those on the side that does not want to lean should be slackened.

  3. Check Alignment: Continue to check the alignment as you adjust. It may take several small adjustments to get the wheel perfectly true.

It is always advisable to keep practicing how to use a wheel since it is an essential skill when it comes to the maintenance of bikes.

quick release bike wheel

4. How To Fix a Bike Puncture Without Removing The Wheel

It is possible to fix a puncture without having to remove the wheel; this can be helpful, especially during the ride.

  1. Locate the Puncture: To determine where the puncture is, deflate the tire and ask for help to inflate to check the tire for any more leakage sounds or visible air leaks.

  2. Patch the Hole: Remove any dirt around the puncture site and apply a patch from the puncture repair kit. Ensure that the patch sticks well on the surface intended.

  3. Reinflate the Tire: Pump the tire to the standard pressure and look for any further signs of leakage.

This method is especially advantageous on cycles with electric bike wheels because the removal of the wheel may be slightly complicated due to electrical wiring.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bike Wheels

Maintaining your mountain bike wheels is important for longevity and performance. Regular maintenance ensures your wheels remain reliable and safe.

  1. Check for Damage: Check if the wheels have a crack or dent or if their surface is too worn out to cover the wheel properly.

  2. Proper Inflation: Always ensure that the tires are properly inflated. Low pressure in tires leads to poor road handling and is likely to contribute to puncture events.

  3. Lubricate Moving Parts: Regularly lubricate the hub and the spokes to minimize friction and early signs of wear.

  4. Install Bike Wheel Lights: Additionally, they might want to use rear wheel lights for extra safety measures. They make it possible to be visible at night rides, thus allowing people to spot other people on the roadsides.

  5. Upgrade to Electric: Consider upgrading your bikes with electric bike conversion kits for a more efficient and environmentally friendly ride.

Learn how to find the right e bike conversion kit for your bike.


Knowledge about bike wheels, such as from including the measurement, choice, maintenance, or repair, contributes to a better cycling experience and reduces the risks. Whether you are a cyclist who uses bikes for commuting, a cycling lover, or someone in a hurry wishing to convert your bikes to an e-bike wheel, information is crucial. It is always advisable to consider recommended sources such as Esoulbike for authentic products and advice.

For authentic products and expert advice, consider recommended sources like Esoulbike. Stay informed and make the best choices for your cycling journey.

For more details and to explore top-quality bike wheels, visit Esoulbike today!

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