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Find the right electric conversion kit

Find the right electric conversion kit

Hello cyclists, we talked to you about the original and modified bikes in the last blog. Today we will explain to you about the fit: what kinda electric conversion kit and battery and the combination of them fit your bicycle and demand the most? Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this type of question. Or, a simple answer could be "it depends". Indeed, it really depends on your bike and what do you want.

If you own a mountain bike/e-bike and are shopping on Esoulbike's website, traveling distance should be your priority on the checklist. You don't wish to get yourself into trouble in the mid of a forest because no one is going to help you. You have to ask yourself a question that how far do you plan to or often travel on your vacation? Once you realize that traveling distance is a major component in your consideration, obviously the battery is important because a high amp hour rating of the battery will get you the most distance. Naturally, that also means the battery might be quite expensive since you're asking for high performance.

But fortunately, here at Esoulbike, we offer you an ECO Tube battery 450W version that comes with a charger and other supportive accessories for installation. It's suitable for mountain, road and city bikes and it comes at a cheap price which is 199 Euro at this moment.

Another factor you need to consider is the tires.  Again, if you own a mountain bike and ride it constantly in a rural area or maybe a mountain, it is expected to consume your tires tremendously. So you need to look for road-friendly tires. Here at Esoulbike, we offer you road-friendly tires. With those tires, we can guarantee you a structural decrease in the rolling resistance, thanks to our team's design.

Last but not the least, no matter how well-crafted your motor may be, it is going to be consumed such that maintenance of your motor should also be considered, especially if you prefer to save money. Fortunately, here at Esoulbike, we offer you 2 years maintenance-free guarantee. With that, you just ride your bicycle and don't look back.

So that's it. compatibility and fitting are important factors for choosing electric conversion kits. Esoulbike highly regards the customers' demand and we have a diverse product line in order to fit into every category of the electric bike. Please take a look at our product page and we will see you next time.       

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