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Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit UK 2024

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit UK 2024

Nowadays, electric bikes in the UK tend to get well-received, which means the best electric bike conversion kit becomes crucial for individuals who want to upgrade their current bikes. Whether your choice is a 250W eBike conversion Kit a rear hub motor, or a powerful 500w ebike conversion kit. The right choice will enhance your ride quality, providing a smoother and more pleasant experience.

Best electric bike conversion kit

This blog shall discuss the topmost e-bike conversion kits that are currently available in the UK market for the year 2024; the attributes, performance, and price effectiveness of these products shall be disclosed. Today we will go through some of the best e-bike conversion kits that are available at present, and this one is for you if you are indeed one of the wild riders.

Here are the top electric bike conversion kits of 2024, offering superior performance and features for enhancing your cycling experience.

Cytronex Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Cytronex kit is a top-notch option that you should consider in 2024. It features a 250W electric bike motor and a powerful 198Wh battery pack, and it's precisely engineered with connection points that require just Allen keys. It is ready to install, and it is a single piece of hardware. The kit is designed using long-lasting and smooth, simple power delivery to make it perfect for the daily journey. While it's on the pricier side, Cytronex is a UK-based company that offers all-inclusive customer support, which can grant peace of mind.

More hands-on types will get to visit a bricks-and-mortar local bike shop specializing in electric bike conversion kits for ground-up advice and service.

Cytronex electric bike


● Converts your bike into a complete electric bike, saving money compared to purchasing a new electric bike.

● Smooth power, easy mode adjustment.

● More range than competitors on hills.


● Purchase requires measuring, and printing templates.

● More expensive than Bafang kits.

Swytch Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Swytch kit is another good deal, especially for those who pay more attention to the issue of beauty. It has a front hub motor that mimics the design of the bike and an LCD display on the handlebar. This allows the rider to have no interference with the bike's appearance. Such a kit is user-friendly and includes a cadence sensor that can be installed wirelessly, however, it might produce some noise when it is raining. The Swytch kit offers a range of up to 30 km and a powerful 250W motor in a lightweight and compact design.

Swytch conversion kit

Swytch conversion kits' versatility extends beyond simple compatibility; it also seamlessly accommodates modifications for both the front hub and the rear tire, ensuring that the conversion kit fits perfectly with your bike's existing setup.

Moreover, the Swytch electric bike conversion kit offers options for adding a rear rack. This is particularly advantageous for commuters or long-distance riders who require additional storage space.


● Universal compatibility - converts most bikes, whether they're road, hybrid, or mountain bikes.

● Easy install, discreet motor, handlebar battery.

● Lightweight design vs other kits.


● Wiring could be neater, redundant plugs.

● Rubber grommet over motor cable is not a perfect fit.

Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kit

The DIY fans can't ignore the Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kit. It is very adaptable and gives high levels of compatibility and customization, which makes it perfect for the majority of bikes. It is well-known for the best quality of work and is an ideal solution for those who want to turn their bike to an electric bike. It delivers 1600W peak power, it is a waterproofing design, and it can work with 48V and 52V batteries. Installing the kit is trouble-free, and is done without requiring any technical knowledge. The BBS02 series has been re-designed, including the addition of more power.

Bafang Mid-Drive Motor

Unlike the traditional hub motors, this kit comes with a mid-drive motor that sits in the center of the bike, equally balancing the weight on the frame, hence advanced stability and riding feel.

It even comes with a torque sensor that dynamically adjusts power according to the force exerted during pedaling, giving riders the most instinctive and responsive ride.

On top of that, the unit is compatible with many kinds of bicycles and is apt for standard or disc brakes, making it flexible for almost every cycling situation one may be in.


● Excellent compatibility with most bikes, including mountain bikes, allowing for extensive customization.

● High-quality performance, great electric conversion option.

● Keeps bike weight low vs hub motors.


● More expensive than hub motors.

● Requires more leg power for high speeds.

Bafang Front Hub Motor kit

The Bafang Front Hub Motor is an option for anyone who wants to convert their bikes into electric power at a competitive price. This 250W kit brings to you a trustworthy performance with a geared hub motor integrated for increased torque and efficiency. It consists of a cadence sensor, LCD display, and a twist grip throttle for comfortable control. The installation is quicker as there is a motor already fitted in the front wheel. Even though a bit louder than mid-drives, Bafang Front Hub is a very good deal.

Bafang Front Hub Motor

The Bafang electric bike conversion kits accommodate a variety of wheel sizes, making it a versatile choice for many cyclists.


● Cost-effective, impressive performance.

● 250W, reliable, affordable bike conversion.

● Quiet, fast, lightweight, high-performing.


● More leg power is needed for high speeds vs mid-drive.

● Wiring could be neater, redundant plugs.

Rubbee X E Bike Conversion Kit

The Rubbee X conversion kit is also one of the excellent options that is amazing for its ease of installation. It is powered by a 250W motor, and attached with a pedal sensor so that it can be used as wireless. Thus, it takes a few seconds to get connected with your bicycle and have support from the electric motor. However, it's important to note that the Rubbee X may produce some noise in wet conditions.

Rubbee X electric bikes


● Easy installation, convenient electric assist.

● 250W motor, wireless sensor, clean look.

● Lightweight, compact vs others.


● Grommet over cable is not perfect, and risks water.

● Noise in wet condition

Electric Bike Conversion Kits by Reputed Brands

It is important to choose a reputable brand of electric bike conversion kit to make a successful and enjoyable electric bike conversion. As industry leaders, Leeds Bikes and eSoulbike are manufacturers of kits that give top priority to customization, bike compatibility, and customer service.

Leeds Bikes 250 Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Leeds Bikes offers electric bike conversion kits of 250W in a wide range, which is also completely customizable depending on the dimensions of your bike. Such kits are handmade in the USA and are provided with the best customer service ever, which is a good reason why you should choose them to reach your goal.

Esoulbike Electric Bike Conversion Kits

eSoulbike provides a variety of electric bike conversion kits, including a 250W rear wheel hub motor kit and a powerful 1000W gearless rear hub wheel kit that is very powerful. These packs are created with versatility in mind, and they will offer you a good time dealing with all terrains and riding modes. Additionally, eSoulbike features installation videos that will guide you through the conversion process smoothly.


When choosing among ebike conversion kits, you should take into account the following issues: the purpose of your riding, the style of your riding, the terrain you are using, and the level of assistance you expect. A 250W system might be enough for light commuting and city riding, while a 500W system can provide more power for hills and longer routes. Hub rear and mid-drive motors make driving quiet and give commuters smooth gears, which offer the natural momentum assistance of pedaling.

Investing in an e bike conversion kit not only enhances your bike but significantly increases the electric bike's worth, making every ride more enjoyable and efficient.

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