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Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Worth It?

Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Worth It?

Some people suffer that buying an e-bike is expensive, yet they are too tied to their regular old bikes to change to an e-bike. In that case, a DIY E-bike conversion kit is an excellent way to transform your ordinary bike into an E-bike. This kit enhanced the bike's beautiful aspects by softening the pedals' hardships. As a result, a faster and longer path without pedaling so hard. 

However, before you invest in a kit, you need to figure out what the benefits of an e-bike conversion kit are? How troublesome is it to convert a human-powered bike with an electric motor, and is it worth it?

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What is an e-bike conversion kit?

An e-bike conversion kit with a battery is an engine placed on a particular bike tire. This engine works with a battery (usually a lithium one because it offers more advantages than other e-bike batteries).

E-bikes also have an LCD display to see the bike's settings and how much battery is left, the speed you are traveling at, an assisted pedaling system, and a controller.

To transform your regular bike into an electric one, you must install the kit. But like with standard e-bikes, this doesn't mean your bike will become a motorcycle. You still have to pedal to make the engine work.

An e-bike offers an assisted pedaling system. You don't have to pedal as much as with a standard bike. This can be a great relief in the summer because you won't sweat nearly as much as you would in normal circumstances.


Why Use E-Bike Conversion Kits?

An E-bike conversion kit comes with numerous components and parts you will require to upgrade your ride. It enables you to transform your pedal bicycle into something powerful and easier to ride without breaking the bank. Below we have demonstrated some significant advantages of using electric bike conversion kits.

  • Keep Your Original Bike 

If you recently bought a traditional bicycle and didn't want to sell or store it, an E-bike conversion kit is for you. This kit can transform your old bicycle into the latest electric bike. You will get the same advantages from your transformed bicycle as an electric bike.

  • Cost-Effective

Considering the electric bike cost, installing a conversion kit on your regular bicycle is cost-effective and much more affordable. When an e-bike may cost from $1,500 to upwards of $7,000, most E-bike conversion kits cost only a few hundred dollars; this will help you save money.

  • Customizable E-bike

An electric bike conversion kit enables you to build your own bike according to your needs. For example, you can install a higher-capacity battery and a powerful motor on your bicycle. Besides, it lets you customize any components without replacing the whole kit or bike.

  • Different Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The online and offline markets are flooded with numerous electric bike conversion kits. Although not all E-bike conversion kits are the same, you can break them down into a few prime types. Below we have talked about the three main kinds of E-bike conversion kits.

  1. Front hub conversion kits

These are the most common and cheapest hubs out there. They are effortless to install and require almost no special tools (if so, usually the kit includes them). All you have to do is replace the front wheel of your bike with the one that comes with the kit and run the wire from the hub to the controller.

  1. Rear hub conversion kits

Such a kit is placed on the back tire. Rear hub conversion kits are the same as the front hub ones. But they are better because there's less distance between the hub and the rear rack. This means you use less wire and the weight placed at the back of the bike helps with its balance.

  1. Mid-Motor Ebikes Conversion Kits    

The mid-drive conversion kit is completely different from the front and rear conversion kits. Usually, this type of kit requires you to install a motor in the center of your bike. Your wheels will be powered by this motor when connected to the chain. So you will not feel heavy on your bicycle's rear or front portion.


Are E-bike Conversion Kits Worth It?

The pros:

You get to keep your beloved old bike, the one you have used for years, and you are emotionally attached.

Buying a conversion kit is way cheaper than buying a brand-new e-bike.

Conversion kits are not hard to install. They usually come with clear instructions and all the necessary tools, so you don't need to pay someone to install them.

If you feel adventurous, you can create your own conversion kit by buying the best parts of the best e-bike conversion kits.

If you ever need a higher speed or a more powerful bike, try changing the battery you already have to a more powerful one instead of getting a brand-new conversion kit. Just make sure the new battery matches the kit's features.

All the kits have at least 1 year of warranty.

The cons:

Some people buy front hub conversion kits without noticing that their standard bikes have a smaller or larger wheel, meaning they need to either buy a new back tire to match the front one or change their conversion kit for a smaller one.

Since the bike will become heavier, it will be harder to carry it upstairs or put it inside a vehicle.

Tires may deflate more frequently than before due to their weight and need to be checked every two weeks.

Some people prefer to buy the most expensive kit thinking it's the best one for them when it is designed for a specific type of rider.

If you don't take enough time and patience to install the conversion kit and mess it up in a hurry, you could end up with a damaged conversion kit, which could be dangerous on the road.

After reading this article, everyone has some ideas about the conversion kit. The editor here wants to recommend a brand of kits to everyone. This brand is EsoulbikeEsoulbike Conversion Kits are affordable, high-quality, and guaranteed after sales. The rims provide different options to suit any of your models. The motor is light and compact, and the bike's weight will not be too heavy after installation.

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