We use a brushless DC motor which has a usable lifetime of up to 10 years with careful use and maintenance. Please pay attention to the points below:

  • Pay attention to the bike’s breaks. In case the breaks cause extra friction when riding the bike, the motor will experience increased stress that can lead to heating issues causing the magnetic steel to demagnetize. Continued use of the motor in such a case would lead to increased wear and shorten the lifetime of the motor.
  • In case of a noise coming from the motor please check the bearings immediately. Issues with bearings can lead to scratches that render the motor useless.
  • Avoid riding the bike in the water. The motor uses sealants, sealing rings and has an IPX5 rating but it still isn’t 100% waterproof.
  • To protect the system controls please make sure the power is off when you connect or disconnect any parts.

In case of a Warranty issue you can find our contact details and form here.