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Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy An Ebike?

Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy An Ebike?

Is an electric bike on your near-term wish list? Now may be the best time to buy this safe and convenient personal transportation. While the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic are slowly beginning to be lifted, we still face uncertainty. Doubts remain about the safety of crowded areas such as public transport. Electric bikes could be an ideal solution for many city dwellers who are starting to get out of their homes but want to avoid crowded buses, subways and ride-sharing solutions. Likewise, e-bikes offer a way to exercise and get some fresh air without going to the gym or to the park. Moreover, the price of fuel has continued to rise recently. Considering the purchase of electric bicycles can not only reduce the cost of fuel, but also protect the environment.

Here are some reasons why now is the perfect time to consider making the switch to an electric bike.


Change the way you commute

Working from home is convenient, but not for everyone. For a large percentage of the population, public transport is the most viable form of commuting, but maintaining a two-metre distance between passengers significantly reduces the capacity of buses and subways. That means longer commutes and longer delays. And public transportation will put everyone in a closed environment, adding to the uncertainty.

Traditional bikes are a great option for long walks. However, they also have some notable drawbacks, not the least of which is sweating. But an electric bike is a great solution to this problem, and you're unlikely to need to change your shirt while riding.


More hygienic

Electric bike rental systems have sprung up all over the world. However, during the COVID-19 epidemic, many users were reluctant to take risks due to the difficulty of adequately cleaning the handlebars after use, and the number of users was decreasing, and some companies had to suspend operations. But having an e-bike solves that problem, so there's no need to touch switches, ticket machines, door handles, parking meters, or all the other things that you would normally need to tap and push in a standard car, bus, or train.


Great workout

Electric bikes are a great way to get some gentle cardio, especially if you haven't been exercising since the pandemic. Riding an e-bike requires far less work than walking, but it can still raise your heart rate.

Most e-bikes can lightly increase your speed to around 20 mph, which is a decent speed but won't tire you out. If you want to move faster, go ahead - but you have to do all the work yourself.

You can also turn off the electric motor at any time and only use it when you get tired or need some extra help going up the hill.


Protect the environment with ebikes

Electric bikes and scooters have always provided a faster-than-walking yet more environmentally friendly form of transportation than other motor vehicles. Choosing e-bikes over cars whenever possible will help continue the work we started during the pandemic.

Our reduced mobility and manufacturing during the pandemic shows just how much impact our transportation methods can have on the environment. According to one study, pollution has dropped by 30% as roughly half of the world's population is restricted by some form of lockdown.

Electric bikes are another way to help improve the situation. Electric bikes have the following environmental benefits:

Minimal waste

Since the battery can be recharged and recycled multiple times, there is little waste in electric bikes. Also, the more people use e-bikes, the less stress large vehicles put on our roads. This reduces road maintenance and construction waste emissions.

Zero emission

Since electric bikes don't produce carbon emissions, they don't cause as much air pollution as gasoline-powered vehicles. Less polluted cities have fewer respiratory problems and other related diseases.

Reduce dependence on oil

The oil extraction process causes various environmental problems. Additionally, increased use of e-bikes can reduce the chance of oil spills and save land that would otherwise be used for oil extraction.

Gas Prices

As of now, the national average gasoline price has risen to $4.599 a gallon on the day and shows no signs of falling, with gasoline prices exceeding $6 in some areas.

During the commute, the average vehicle travels 24 miles per gallon, and the average distance is about 20 miles each way. This does not include changes in variables such as routes, traffic, stop-and-go conditions, etc

The average daily commute to get off work by car is 40 miles.

40 miles total / 24 miles per gallon = 1.7 gallons used per day

1.7 gallons x $6 mpg = $10.20 per commute

So, if you're lucky, a daily commute costs Americans an average of $10.20.

So the annual cost of gasoline is calculated as follows:

$224.40 per month in gas x 12 months per calendar year = $2,692.80 per year spent on gas

The average American drives 13,500 miles a year, so they will spend between $2,300 and $3,000 on gas, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration.


Final Thoughts

Current concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental concerns, social distancing and increased driving costs have created an ideal scenario for purchasing an electric bike. However, the cost of purchasing a new electric bicycle is very high, and people can consider adding a conversion kit to the original bicycle, and then they can have a new electric bicycle. Esoulbike provides you with a choice of conversion kits for different models and different powers. Welcome to our website---

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