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Why Are Electric Bicycles Better Than Cars?

Why Are Electric Bicycles Better Than Cars?

Since public transportation is not available as a means of travel during COVID-19, governments everywhere are encouraging people to use bicycles globally as an alternative to public transportation, to avoid crowds and reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19. Record numbers of people are bicycling in Europe because people's lives are at risk. More people are choosing to travel by bicycle or electric bike. Many people have a new desire to live in the suburbs - without pollution and without car exhaust pollution.



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Degree of pollution

Air pollution, noise pollution, etc.



Applicable distance

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Short distance

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Light and handy

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In contrast, cars are used in everyday life in a wide range of applications, are fast, and have no specific distance restrictions. No matter how far it is, the vehicle can reach it. But when faced with traffic congestion, drivers have to sit quietly in their cars and wait for the congestion to pass. In addition, as the international situation changes leading to rising fuel prices, the cost of using a car continues to reach record highs. And the exhaust gases emitted during driving - carbon dioxide, the main source of pollution, noise pollution is also one of the pollution caused by urban vehicles.

Traditional human-powered bicycles, with their slow speed, rely mainly on human power. Because the physical capacity of human is limited, the driving distance is also limited, and it is not possible to travel long distances. But because of its small size, it is easy to move in space and is less affected by traffic.

The electric bicycle adds a motor to the original bicycle structure. Through continuous development and innovation, the electric bicycle is becoming more and more popular for its exquisite and generous appearance. Its tires are designed for all kinds of rugged terrain, providing more grip than a bicycle, making it safer on the road and not limiting the number of users. With the help of a motor, manpower is also saved, and the distance traveled is greatly increased.

According to media reports, in today's epidemic era, the number one selling vehicle worldwide is the electric bike, not the gasoline or electric car.

According to the data, e-bikes are rapidly becoming a mainstream commuting tool across Europe from the second half of 2021, with sales increasing by 52%, pushing annual sales straight to 4.5 million units and reaching €10 billion in annual sales. According to the analysis, rising fuel prices are the main reason for people to gradually consider whether to use more convenient transportation. On the other hand, urban traffic congestion has always been a major problem, and over-reliance on cars can exacerbate urban congestion. Although bicycles can be a better solution for some people to travel and distance limitations, more people will choose electric bicycles. As a green mode of transportation, it is safer and more controllable than crowd gathering in public transportation. The advantages of labor saving, environmental protection and flexibility are more common among people. This has driven the growth of e-bike sales in the European market. The data shows that even after the epidemic, the e-bike boom shows no signs of slowing down. Annual sales of e-bikes in Europe may be expected to surge from 3.7 million units in 2019 to 17 million units in 2030. As soon as 2024, annual sales of e-bikes could reach 10 million units. Even some developed countries promote the use of e-bikes by the population and actively develop and improve bike lanes.

If you've been following e-bikes lately, you'll find that e-bike conversion kits like the one put out by esoulbike are very popular with everyone.

Here are the descriptions of the e-bike conversion kits.

  • Easy to install, bike frame fork distance in 100mm, rear fork distance in 135-142mm, can be installed esoulbike's e-bike conversion kit
  • Electric bike conversion kits are available for different models, you can choose according to your bike's wheel size - 26", 27.5", 28"
  • The range is determined by the battery capacity you choose, for example a 36V13A battery can travel 30-40 miles on a full charge and up to 25 mph
  • Can be used on most types of terrain for everyday travel
  • Other kit accessories
  1. LCD display: lets the rider know the bike's speed, mileage, total mileage, battery level, etc.
  2. Lithium battery power: esoulbike's battery parameters are 36V 13A to 48V 21AH, it not only has more capacity options, but also is waterproof, expanding the battery capacity and increasing the adventure.
  3. The esoulbike five levels of pedal assist are available for riders to choose from, switching to a larger gear when going uphill and to a smaller gear when turning at high speed. The 5-stage pedal assist can be freely adjusted to a comfortable driving rhythm depending on the terrain and driving conditions.
  4. Switching of lights is controlled through the instrumentation to increase night driving safety.
  5. Throttle: The high-power motor set uses a half-turn throttle, which is safer and more controllable than a full-turn throttle. Small power motor kit adopts finger dial throttle, which is easy to operate, compact and flexible.

Of course, e-bikes cannot completely replace fuel vehicles. Electric bikes are still driven by electricity and always have a limited capacity. Long-distance driving or fuel vehicles are more convenient. However, in times of epidemics, the government advises people not to congregate and not to go to areas that are at high risk of contracting the virus. If there is one travel option that people would prefer, it is still the electric bike. Today, with the prevalence of camping and cycling culture, people are more inclined to be environmentally friendly in their choice of transportation. People living in cities are experiencing busy work days and facing the upcoming weekend, they can't help but ask: "Where to go on the weekend", "Fishing, biking, camping?" Europe is vast and sparsely populated, and young people love adventure, with many unexplored places waiting to be explored. It is a fascinating time to make friends or go to places with beautiful scenery and no human trails. Camping culture is very popular in Europe. People seek to embrace nature, feel it, and explore the unknown. During the free time on weekends, invite friends or family, go for a drive, go to the forest and beach, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Under the new crown virus, people pay more attention to physical health and strengthen physical exercise. Cycling is a good way to exercise. But cycling is more physically demanding and has a limited range. And when you go through uphill sections or some road conditions are not ideal, you need to exert more physical energy. If you lack exercise, it will give you a bad riding experience. For example, it's hard to go uphill, the rough terrain can be bumpy, and the rider's stamina can't keep up with the distance traveled. Bikes are rough for some people, but an e-bike doesn't need to take that into account. It has successfully passed the test of rough and rugged road conditions. The e-bike's battery capacity can also support people on outdoor adventures in rural areas. With an extended battery capacity of up to 70 miles, it's perfectly suited to daily commuting needs.

Why do you think e-bikes are better than cars?

  • For daily commuting or excursions, an e-bike is more convenient and less affected by traffic.
  • The cost of using a car is rising.
  • Riding electric bicycle can exercise and enhance physical fitness.
  • Riding culture is gradually becoming more and more popular, accepted and loved by more and more people.
  • It can satisfy some people's spirit of outdoor adventure.
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