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ESOULBIKE – Three Essential Parts of the Conversion Kit

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  1. Motor

   36V 250W and 48V 1500W are very popular in all kinds of motors

  • The 36V 250W is a geared motor. It is characterized by its small size as well as its light In addition, it has the advantage of being very current-efficient because it runs on fewercurrents with higher torque. A further advantage is that the 36V 250W motor operates with very little noise.
  • In addition, the48V 1500W is a gearless motor. Its advantages are the high torque which saves currents and causes very low wear due to the absence of a gear system. While the 48V 1500W motor is characterized by its high variable power and fast speed.
  1. Battery

There are two different types of batteries and we can distinguish them in a simple way based on their appearance.

If the lower tube in the triangular bracket sloping tube of the bike is straight and capable of fitting a sloping tube, it is possible to fit a downtube battery

Rack batteries are mounted at the rear of the bicycle because some types of bikes have a bent down tube and it is not possible to mount the battery in that position. Even if our bike has a straight down tube, we can still choose a rack battery for our own preference or aesthetic.

The 450Wh Battery’s capacity is 36V 12.5Ah and energy is 450Wh therefore the range is between 45km to 80km for a 250W e-bike in the presence of the PAS. If we want to fully charge the e-bike, we will need to charge the battery for six hours with a 36V 2A charger.  The weight of the battery is very light, only 3.2kg, and the Rack Battery’s weight is 3.5kg because the dimensions are heavier than a downtube Battery.

The 576Wh battery is more suitable for medium to long-distance riding as it has a range of between 55km and 100km for a 250W e-bike in the presence of the PAS. If you have a 48V motor, you have to choose 768Wh, even a 48V 16Ah battery that can run 45-90km with PAS. The charger time of the 575Wh and 768Wh battery is only five hours because they are equipped with a 3A charger, which reduces the charging time significantly.

  1. Controller

The main role of the controller is to control the battery output current and voltage, which in turn controls the motor speed and the speed of the vehicle. The electric bike controller is used to control the start, operation, advance and retreat, speed, stop, and other core components of the electric bike, it is like the brain of the electric bike and is an important part of the electric bike. In addition, the controller has the role of over-current, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection circuits.

The controller has seven wires that control different functions: motor cable, power cable, display cable, brake cable, PAS cable, throttle cable, and light out cable.

The motor cable is the connection between the motor and the controller

Power cable: connects the battery to the controller so that the modified bike has electricity.

Display cable: It is the connecting channel between the display and the controller

Brake cable: It is connected to the brake by the controller.

PAS cable: the booster cable of the controller is connected to the booster sensor on the electric bike to enable booster use.

Throttle cable: It is used to control the speed during the ride and connect to the controller.

Light out cable: Connects the lights to the controller. The controller provides a steady current to the lights.

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