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Tips to use Esoulbike's batteries

Hello cyclists, in the last blog, we go over how to preserve the battery of Esoulbike. But we feel that’s not enough as preservation is only one piece of the puzzle. Another thing you should take  notes and definitely master is how to use the battery. Without taking some factors into consideration, the battery will still be damaged even if you preserve it very well via following Esoulbike’s battery instruction.  


First of all, similar to the preserving stage, you have to prevent the battery (not just battery of E-bike but any battery) from closing to heat, fire, high voltage, and physical force. It is uncertain and unpredictable that how long can a battery last under extreme circumstances so it is better to erase those uncertainties from the beginning.


Secondly, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it ISN’T a duck, not in the case of battery. A charger may look similar to another, but it doesn’t mean they have the same voltage. For example, if you own a 48V Esoulbike battery, do not match it with a 38V charger and vice versa. Not only that won’t charge your battery but also shortens its life span.   


Next, unless you are an expert or engineer, Esoulbike doesn’t recommend any form of circuiting the positive or negative electrode of the battery. In other words, we do not recommend you to demolish or dissemble the battery without expertise. If you do so, the protective component and circuit that are designed for the integration of the battery will be damaged to trigger instability and hence bring the potential risk for the user.  


In the worst-case scenario, if you, unfortunately, hit your e-bike against a tree and the battery is significantly distorted. Do not attempt to fix it because the leaking electricity, if any, will cause the skin to feel uncomfortable. Although the probability is low, you may have to go to a hospital after being shocked by the battery.  


Once again, an e-bike battery is designed for e-bikes. If you mismatch it with any other equipment, it is counted as inappropriate usage which will reduce the life cycle or even smoking and burning. So, we recommend to let the “professional” do its leg work.


In relation to all those factors, knowing how not to use a battery is indeed very important for a cyclist. If you want to know more, please click on the product page and you will see the full instruction there. And please stay tuned to Esoulbike’s blog. We will see you next time.


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