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Tips for Electric Mountain Biking

There are many types of E-bikes on the market, an electric mountain bike is the best for outdoor riders. Electric mountain bikes are able to be ridden through many different landscapes. Such as mountains, sand, and snowfields. Therefore, we can escape from the city to see some magnificent sceneries.

Matthew Loveridge shares his feelings of riding an electric mountain bike. To begin, they are time-efficient, he can ride his electric mountain bike around his favorite mountain trails 5-6 times in under 2 hours. However, he can only reach 2-3 laps at the same time on a normal mountain bike. In addition, he thinks electric mountain bikes are better for his body. Climbing hills on a mountain bike is very stressful for him because he has back problems. An electric mountain bike provides great extra torque, allowing him to ride at a more comfortable cadence and relax when he needs to.

 Here are some tips for electric mountain biking:

  • Climbing

Firstly, we start the ride in a low gear and maintain a steady pedal frequency. If you want to achieve maximum motor efficiency, then the ideal pedal frequency is 80-90 pedal strokes per minute.

Secondly, we preferably sit in the saddle on climbs, as this gives you more power and gives good traction to the rear wheel.

If we are riding a very steep section, it is also important to stay in the saddle at all times. Shift your body weight forward to the front of the saddle.

  •  Braking

We have to check that the brakes are sensitive before entering a mountain road.

When braking, we have to move the center of gravity higher because the battery and engine will make the electric self-propelled vehicle lower the center of gravity of the bike. If our body weight is not shifted higher, the electric mountain bike will push more strongly onto the front wheel, which will block or side overturn.

  •  Downhill bends

We need to put our shoulders down and push the bike into the corner, then keep our weight in the middle of the mountain e-bike.

We need to use the front brake sparingly or not at all when we ride the turn.

If we want to accelerate gently through a corner, we need to brake at the turn first, as this increases traction.

When we are riding into a corner, we can look beyond the corner, which facilitates our upper body rotation.

In Conclusion, we can ride an electric mountain bike to many kinds of places but we must pay attention to safety. As a result, we need to make sure we are prepared and check the electric mountain bike before riding, including the battery, motor, display, and controller. We also need to wear protective gear to reduce injuries if an accident occurs.


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