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THE 5 BEST E-BIKE mid-motor kits in 2022

THE 5 BEST E-BIKE mid-motor kits in 2022

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, and you may want to convert your favorite old traditional bike into a brand new electric bike. There are also many different options for e-bike conversion sets.

So, what must you do? It's simple, all you have to do is find the most suitable conversion kit for your existing bike. So in this article we will pick a few of the best selling mid-range motors for you today and introduce them to you comprehensively. Make your tuning journey more enjoyable.If you prefer a hub motor, you can refer to our last article.


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Capacity: Battery sold separately

Torque: 80Nm

Compatibility: Only alloy bikes and bottom brackets 68–73mm


+Capable off road

+Keep your current wheels

+High torque


-Low slung motor doesn’t offer much clearance under bottom bracket for large obstacles

-Battery sold separately

The mid-motor drive system offers many advantages over wheel drive conversion kits. With the power provided through the crank, it can generate more torque, making it more effective on particularly steep and bumpy terrain.

Another benefit is that compatibility is much better - no need to worry about wheel diameter, wheel width, axle standards and brake type. Whether you use rim brakes or disc brakes, quick release or through axles, the crank drive system is compatible.

The only provisos are that the frame material must be alloy and that the five-way width is 68-73 mm - but that covers most bikes you might install this system on.

There are a few things to note, the first being that the system does not include a battery, which usually accounts for about half the cost of the conversion kit. Finding an e-bike battery is easy, and there are many brands on the site, including esoulbike, which we recommend.

Just be sure to supply a 36V battery for the 36V motor, as higher voltages can damage it. You should also know that a 10Ah capacity will give you a range of about 29 km, while an 18Ah capacity will usually give about 53 km - so be sure to consider the distance you plan to ride.

BOSCH Performance Line CX

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Maximum torque:85 Nm

Support:Powerful support even on steep hilly rids up to 15 mph.


Max. support up to:15.5 mph


+Higher torque for faster acceleration

+Impressive performance on the trail

+The enhanced eMTB mode


-Battery must be bought separately

Bosch is a large German automotive equipment manufacturer and a pioneer in ABS braking, electronic fuel injection and electrical systems. Like other mid-motors, the Bosch mid-motor adds boost by measuring the amount of power you transfer to the pedal and then doing so in four levels or auxiliary modes. Like others, it electronically measures the torque, pedal crank cadence (rpm), and bike speed you're sending to the pedal, then uses software on a built-in circuit board to deliver the percentage of boost you choose. The electrical energy from the battery is then sent through a power transistor to the permanent magnet motor, which converts it into mechanical energy. Because the motor must rotate quickly to produce optimal power, there are internal gears that drive the pedal crank by decelerating twice (in one case, a ratio of 35.5 to 1). All these components are densely packed in a cast aluminum housing that allows for a 180 mm (slightly more than 7 in.) Q-factor (width of the outer surface of the pedal crank arm). Compare this to a typical mountain bike Q of 170 mm and the difference is minimal.

Two lithium-ion batteries are available - the PowerPack 400 and PowerPack 500 - each weighing approximately 5.5 lbs. The 400-watt-hour (WH) unit takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge, and the PowerPack 500 takes 4.5 hours. In fact, the batteries are rarely discharged that much, so half of the 400 takes 1.5 hours to recharge, while the 500 takes about 2 hours.

These batteries are protected from hazards such as excessive temperature or complete discharge by a complete electronic management system. Battery life is usually expressed in terms of the number of cycles of complete charge and discharge, which is more demanding than the way most riders use their batteries. To quote the site, "Bosch PowerPack is designed for many trips, distances and years of use."

Yamaha PW-S2 Motor

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Rated voltage: 36 V

Rated power: 250 W

Max. assisted speed: 25 km/h

Max. torque: 75 Nm


+Versatile in use

+More room for integration

+Immediately at full throttle


-Battery must be bought separately

The Yamaha PW-S2 does lose a lot of weight compared to its predecessor,the new PW-S2 now is down to 2.85 kilograms. The torque increase is relatively small, from 70 Newton meters now to 75, but the mid-mounted motor adds more power. However, the real improvement of the PW-S2 is not as obvious in these key figures as in its construction. For example, the ISIS center shaft is 22.8 mm shorter than before. This results in generating more power and promotes more efficient pedaling. This will have an impact on all four levels of support when riding. Especially in automatic mode, Yamaha promises a "natural and enjoyable riding experience". At the same time, the shaft is long enough to give the option of two sprockets on the crank. At the same time, the volume has been reduced by 20%, which allows the applicable frame to be correspondingly thinner and thus equally lighter. And there are new options in terms of frame geometry and corresponding riding behavior. For example, shorter chains are possible. This is particularly important for electric mountain bikes, as it makes the frame more stable, ensures better contact with the ground and provides the bike with a particularly high degree of agility. It continues a feature already used on the Yamaha PW-X3, the "zero cadence" function, which starts the motor assist immediately from the first crank load. This is a great advantage, especially for uphill, off-road and on-road.


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Capacity : Battery sold separately

Torque: 80nm

Compatibility: Only alloy bikes and bottom brackets 68–73mm


+Torque sensor-based pedal assist

+Lightweight for the power output

+Compatible with a wide range of bike designs

+Better ground clearance


-Battery must be bought separately

Like the Bafang mid-drive system, TongSheng offers the same advantages of compatibility with a wide range of bike designs, as well as high torque for steep hills and off-road terrain. However, the TongSheng mid-drive does come in a little lighter than the Bafang at roughly the same power.

This model does not come with a battery, so you will have to source your own 36v battery. As a rule of thumb, a range of about 13Ah is 30-40km, and increasing to 18Ah usually gives a range of about 42-50km. So be sure to take this into account when you make your choice.

There is a wide range of products available online, but esoulbike is the specific brand we recommend. If you want a more powerful motor, you can choose a 48V motor with the appropriate battery.

The installation process is the same as most mid-drive systems, the crank is replaced by the crank supplied in the kit, the LCD display is mounted on the handlebars and the battery needs to be connected to the motor.

CYC X1 Pro Gen2 Mid-motor Conversion Kit

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Max torque:150 N.m. & 250 N.m.

Rated voltage:36-72 DCV

Max. Rpm:> 300 rpm

Overall efficiency:> 90%


+Cadence & Torque sensing

+High Powered



+Rain & Snow proof


-Use with caution for newcomers

The CYC X1 Pro offers a completely different level of performance compared to the Bafang and Tong Sheng. This is a performance motor for e-bike enthusiasts and should only be installed on bikes fitted with the highest quality components.

With an output of up to 3000W/5000W and a torque of up to 150/250Nm, the CYC X5000 Pro is mind-blowing! Manufactured in Hong Kong by CYC Motor LTD, the X1 Pro has quickly become the world leader in ultra-high performance medium speed e-bike motor kits. Compatible with batteries from 36v all the way up to 72v (max power), the motor is designed to turn your mountain bike into an off-road speed machine with an incredibly smooth pedal-assisted power mode over a range using a sophisticated torque sensor. What makes it better than the Octagon and Tong Sheng is not only its amazing performance, but also its compatibility with other bottom bracket sizes - the CYC X1 Pro is available in Pressfit BB92 and 100mm threaded BB, as well as regular 68mm-73mm BB versions (torque sensing models), and pedal assist based on pedaling frequency is also available ( 68mm-73mm and 120mm versions). There is a fully customizable smartphone app, which means you can really fine tune the performance to suit your needs, as well as two riding modes and up to nine assist levels - in low power mode it feels like a normal mid-range electric bike ride and produces a very smooth and intuitive boost level, switch to maximum power mode and it turns into a completely different beast! !



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