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Purchase Guide for a Greener Way of Transport

Exhaust emissions have always been one of the causes of environmental pollution. It can exacerbate the greenhouse effect leading to the destruction of the earth's ozone layer and environmental problems such as acid rain can become more serious. The main sources of exhaust gases are chemical plants, cars, trucks, buses. This is why we at eSoulbike are promoting bicycles as a means of transport to get around for people.

Electric bicycles are reasonably new inventions but people have clearly taken by this way of transport around the world already - the only problem is that the prices are still expensive. As a result, many customers have chosen to buy e-bike accessories to convert their regular bikes. Because it does not produce any carbon emissions, it not only gets rid of the traffic jam smog but also gives the rider a nice exercise through cycling. Thus the advantages are multiple such as ecological and economic transport, plus health benefits to us and Mother Nature.

Customers can purchase accessories for different types of bikes and modify them. For example, the ES250-28 with 250 W and 28 Inch is compatible with tricycles and the ES450WH-R or ES576WH-R for the battery.

The model names actually hold all the information you need. ES stands for eSoulbike of course but the number after that 250 stands for the power of 250 Watts which is commonly road legal in Europe. 28 then stands for the wheel size of 28 Inches.

With batteries, the first number means the Wh / Capacity of the battery, and R or T at the end means Rack or Tube style batteries.

So for example for mountain bikes, we offer ES1500-26 kit with ES768WH-F battery meaning that it holds a crazy 1500 Watts motor, 26” Inch wheel, and very high capacity battery of 768Wh.

On our front page we have a helpful tool for you to choose the right kit for you but if you know what kind of battery and what wheel size you need you can also find a suitable kit for yourself at the Products - All Kits page.

When using a kit you can use your old bike to convert to an e-bike - meaning there’s practically no waste. So it is even more nature-friendly than freshly made e-bikes. In addition, if you ever need to convert your bike back or you want to upgrade to a faster e-bike motor you can do that easily by just putting your old wheel back.

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