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Original e-bike vs Modified e-bike

Original e-bike vs Modified e-bike

Hello cyclists, previously on Esoulbike, we sort of talked about tips to preserve Esoulbike’s batteries. In this blog, we will briefly walk you through the original electric bikes and modified electric bicycles.

That is rather important because the debate in the community regarding original vs modified e-bikes has been quite intense. People who bet their money on the original bicycles do not trust the quality of electric kits and batteries provided by the third party. Others argue that modification introduces more flexibility and cost management for cyclists. Now, Esoulbike’s take on this matter is not siding with one or another because it’s not a black or white scenario. We believe that the two parties are arguing for different things. If quality can be ensured, certainly the people for original bikes won’t mind more DIY to their rides. People who are willing to take the risk in exchange for flexibility and lower cost also won’t object to more qualified and safer kits and batteries in order to modify their bikes. Now let’s talk about it a bit more in detail.

As a matter of fact, in terms of the price and quality, the gap between original electric bikes and modified electric bikes is no longer clear. We no longer live in the early stage of electric bikes where it was expensive and top-secret to manufacture them such that the customers can only expect poorly made and expensive products with low quality from the third party. On the contrary, thanks to the technological progression and optimization of supply chains in the industry over the years, today manufacturing electric bicycles and kits have been “democratized”. Naturally, with more competition in the market, customers can expect electric bikes and kits that are both cheap and durable. Because of this, it’s no longer a disadvantage for a cyclist to modify his/her bike. In theory, a modified electric bike can be as cheap and competitive in speed and safety as an original electric bike. In some cases, the former could be even much than the latter.

As an illustration of that, Esoulbike is a brand that is known for its battery performance. The competitive advantage of Esoulbike over the producers of original electric bikes is that while the latter has to focus on the overall quality of the bike, Esoulbike can specialize in developing a better battery. For instance, an Esoulbike Tube battery can last for 600 cycles which is more than the life cycles of generic batteries by most of the original e-bike. With more and more third-party electric kits producers like Esoulbike, many customers have taken the modification of electric bikes into consideration.

For customers, there are two ways of modification. One is that they have the original electric bike but they need to replace some of the electric kits or maybe just the tires. Another group happens to be that one has a normal bike but he/she needs to upgrade that to an electric bike. In both cases, third parties like Esoulbike have been very targeting the customers in terms of fitting the products to the bike of the customers. With the instruction on the website, the customers can choose the kit package compatible with their bicycles and follow the video instruction to manually install/replace them.

In short, technology and market development have democratized the electric bicycle either in terms of the original e-bike or modification. It’s getting both affordable and reliable. We therefore highly recommend the customers, especially those who are new to the cycling community, DIY their original e-bikes.

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