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Is it safe to ride an e-bike in the rain?

Is it safe to ride an e-bike in the rain?

You can use electric bicycles in the rain. Nowadays, most electric bicycles are made of waterproof sealing components, which can prevent ordinary water droplets and rain from entering the battery, motor and controller

Although it is absolutely possible to ride in the rain, some shells around the parts of the electric bicycle are restricted. Each electric bicycle has a specific waterproof level, These levels of protection can be rated based on the Ingress Protection code (IP code standard – ANSI/IEC 60529).

A summary of the typical IP codes can be found below, with the code rating in the form of IP## where the first digit indicates the level of dust protection (from 0 to 6) and the second digit indicates the level of liquid protection ( from 0 to 8). Typical IP6# ratings range from IP60 – protected from dust by not liquids, to IP68 – which is completely dustproof and waterproof to 2m depth for 30 mins


IP Rating Table Guide

"IP" means you are viewing the ingress protection standardesoulbike IPX4 rating

"X" means it has not been tested for solid intrusion

"4" tells you that it can prevent splashing

So the IPX4 rating of the esoulbike kit tells you that the esoulbike kit has not been tested for dust resistance (although this does not mean that it is not dustproof), and the electrical components of the bicycle can withstand splashing water. This means that the esoulbike kit should be able to ride in the rain, even through some puddles.


What to pay attention to when riding in the rain

1.When riding in the rain, mudguards are indispensable.

They not only prevent sprays on wet roads from moving away from you, but also prevent large amounts of sprays on batteries and motors.

    2.Lights are also a good idea-especially when you are riding near a car or other pedestrians.

    Rain can quickly affect visibility, and even a small light can ensure that your presence will not be ignored. esoulbike front and rear lights can help you

      3.Slow down and relax in the corner.

      Just like driving a car on wet roads, your e-bike’s tires likely won’t hook up as well in the rain. Braking early and turning slower than normal are key to safe e-biking in the rain.

        4.Clean and maintain your bike after getting caught in the rain.

        Wipe the whole thing down with special care to dry the electrical components and battery. Remove the battery if you can and dry the terminals and the compartment. But also be sure to dry and relube the chain, as water can strip lubricants off your drivetrain and degrade your shifting. Also avoid using compressed air to dry your bike, as this can just drive water into sensitive parts like bearings and electrical componentry.



          Riding your electric bike in the rain is quite possible, but when you ride in the rain, because the visibility is low and the ground is more humid, you must take protective measures

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