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How to convert 26" inch ebike kit to 27.5" bike

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The 26-inch wheels can accelerate faster and make sharp turns easier. All conditions are the same (rim, spoke quality, etc.); due to the reduced diameter and shorter spokes, smaller wheels, more substantial wheels, and many other advantages, people often want to install 26-inch wheels on a 27.5-inch bicycle about the same as a 26-inch.

Requirements for installing 26-inch wheels on 27.5 forks

Sufficient clearance. 

Generally speaking, the 27.5 front fork provides enough support for 26-inch wheels, so there is no major problem in replacing the 26-inch electric bicycle kit

Appropriate wheel width

The hubs and axles should match the dropouts of the frame and fork. If the wheels are too narrow or too wide for the dropouts, you will not install them safely.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes allow the most accessible wheel swapping because the rotors are always in the same place regardless of the wheel size. Consequently, you don't need new mounts when installing a smaller or larger wheel than what the fork is designed for.

If it is a V brake, it is easy to cause problems and complicated to adjust, so it is not recommended to replace the rim of the V brake bicycle.


Changes in geometry after installing 26-inch wheels on 27.5-inch front forks.

26-inch wheels mounted on 27-inch bicycles will lower the bottom bracket.


The actual diameters of the rims are:



The difference in rim diameter between 26″ and 27.5″ wheels is closer to 1in/25mm than 1.5in/37.5mm.


The bottom bracket is expected to drop approximately 0.5in or 12.7mm. So, the tires are flat if the 26-inch electric bicycle kit is on the 27.5 frames. When you ride and turn, the pedals may touch the ground.


In addition, when the 26-inch kit is encountered, it will pass through obstacles more smoothly and comfortably than the original 27.5-inch tire.


  1. A 26-inch electric bicycle kit can be installed on a 27.5-inch front fork. If the bicycle has disc brakes, this process will be much easier.


  1. The smaller wheels will lower the bottom bracket by about 0.5 inches. This sounds small, but it may be obvious when riding on terrain with many obstacles. In some cases, the pedal hits the ground when leaning and turning. If possible, try to choose a 26-inch larger tire.


So if you have this question right now, don't worry; a 27.5-inch bicycle can be used with a 26-inch kit. eSoulbike provides 26 and 28-inch motors with different powers to meet your needs! If you want to convert your bike, this is the best chance!


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