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Guide to buying an electric bike conversion kit

Guide to buying an electric bike conversion kit

An electric bike conversion kit is a solution that allows you to add motors, batteries, and electrical controls to a non-electric bike to make it an electric bike. Carefully selected and installed correctly, the final electric bicycle allows you to ride with electric power just like a "normal" electric bicycle

Let's take a look at which steps you only need to enjoy an electric bike.


Step 1: Choose a bike to modify

To convert a traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle, you only need a well-functioning bicycle and a conversion kit. Choosing the bike you want for modification is essential in ensuring that the bike is both comfortable and suitable for your needs and expectations. If you have a bicycle, then it's great. If you don't have a bike, you can choose the right bicycle to buy according to the effect you want.


Step 2: Choose the best electric bike conversion kit

Now that you have selected your bike, you will need an electric bike modification kit. The conversion kit allows you to install it yourself and turn your old bicycle into an electric bicycle. Its quality and performance are almost the same as retail electric bicycles, which is only half of that.

Another advantage of choosing an electric bike conversion kit is that it is pretty easy to install, requiring basic technical skills and knowledge of electrical systems. Most electric bike modification kits contain almost everything needed for installation, including motors, batteries, display controllers, chargers, beautiful brake levers, and other accessories.

If you don't know what kit you want, esoulbike provides different kits for different models. Mountain Bikes, Step-Thru City Bikes, Road Bikes, Urban Bikes, Tricycles, and esoulbike all have recommended kits to fit the model.


Step 3: How to choose an Ebike battery

Before deciding on an electric bicycle battery, an important step is to learn more about battery parameters and then determine what you need and can afford.

To choose the battery that best suits your needs, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What battery is suitable for my car?
  2. How far do I want to go?
  3. Do I bear the starting price?


1.Suitable battery:

If the down tube in the inclined tube of the bicycle tripod is straight, the inclined tube can be installed, and the down tube battery can be installed.

The rack battery is installed at the rear of the bicycle because some types of bikes have a curved down tube and the battery cannot be installed in that position. Even if our bicycles have straight-down tubes, we can still choose rack batteries according to our preferences or aesthetics.


 2.How far do I want to go?

This involves battery capacity. The larger the battery capacity, the farther the bike can travel.


3.Do I bear the starting price?

The price of the battery depends on many factors, such as battery cell brand, battery capacity, whether there are other functions, etc. Correspondingly, the better the battery brand, the higher the price. Now Samsung, LG, and Panasonic battery cells are available on the market. It has good quality so that the price will be higher. For the specific cost, you can compare and choose a better battery that is economically permitted.

For different needs, esoulbike provides a variety of different batteries, both downtube battery and rack battery. For higher cost performance, the eco battery is provided. If you want to travel farther, esoulbike also provides a Max battery.


Step 4: Purchase and install

When you decide the product you need, you can make a purchase. Local stores and online purchases are both excellent choices.

When you receive the kit and install it, the general place of purchase will provide an installation tutorial, so don't worry, esoulbike is committed to creating a convenient installation kit to serve the public. If you encounter difficulties in the installation place, here is the installation tutorial.




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