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ESOULBIKE Stories: Angelos

ESOULBIKE Stories: Angelos

 A student from the HAN University, the Netherlands, who is studying automotive engineering named Angelos, has a very different concept regarding automobiles. The way he thinks and the ideas in his mind are very different from the usual thoughts. His mindset is quite visible in his work. He works on electric vehicle designs as well as participates in school projects that give an insight into his ideas.

Looking at his work in the automobile industry, we can see him working on two aspects. He wishes to take into account the increase in fuel costs, and at the same time, he looks for ways to help reduce natural gas use to protect the environment.

In February 2022, we got in touch with Angelos; at that time, he was looking forward to something that could help him power his car, and that should be environment-friendly. When he got in touch with us over the internet, we found him having thoughts that go along with our company Esoulbike's mission. He wanted to look forward to creating a DIY environmentally friendly bike, and having the same intentions, we had a great start to this approach. Angelos and his partners aimed to bring green electric bikes that are also available at a reduced cost.

We learned a lot from Angelos and his ideas; we hand-built our bikes, which made us realize many essential things and how lives are changing nowadays. We also sponsored Angelos motor and provided him with the required technical support.

Building a electric bike is never a piece of cake; it starts from scratch and has a lot to consider. The bike went through the polishing process, and once the frame was ready, Angelos seemed quite happy. However, this was a minimal completion only.

The design of the car's body featured a teardrop shape rather than a streamlined body. This made the area between the vehicle's body and the front relatively small. This was an exemplary design to look forward to.

Now coming to the test drive of this creation, the results came out to be entirely satisfactory. The competition occurred between 15 teams, and the fuel consumption amounted to 502 km/l and 384 km/l in first and second place, respectively. However, there was still room for improvement that didn't let Angelos sit quietly. He got in touch with our technicians, and after having an efficiency chart for the motor from our team, Angelos adjusted the parameters of the car.

On the day of the race, the team of Angelos achieved the perfect fuel consumption of 1 liter in 846.6 km(by using Wh meter to measure the electricity consumed and convert it to gasoline consumption using CO2 equivalent, the reason for using KM/H as unit in the race is to make it easier for everyone to understand),they won the first place. Angelos, with his team, worked hard for about six months, and this competition was one of the essential things in Angelos's life. This has helped him learn about electric vehicles and what innovations could be exploited in them.

Esourbike is also very happy with the victory of Angelos and very proud to be a part of it. We always look forward to working with such people who bring innovations in the automobile industry beneficial for the environment.

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