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Ebike Throttles:What type to choose?

An e-bike throttle can help you quickly connect with the motor. It doesn't seem like the only option, but you'll be exhausted if you have a long commute and don't choose the throttle that suits your needs. It's not an easy decision, but we've detailed the facts you should consider before making your final decision.


The twist throttle is a throttle that relies on grip movement. If you need to change the speed, you can simply twist the whole handle or the throttle.

This is the type of throttle you'll find on most motorcycles, and if you're on a motorcycle, you're probably used to it, so naturally, many people will want to have it on their e-bikes.

In fact, not all twist throttles are created equal. Some are full-grip designs, while others are half-grip designs.



The whole twist throttle works just like the throttle on most motorcycles. Many people prefer full-twist throttles because they're operated by the entire hand -- all five fingers grab that sucker. This allows you to hold tight, handle well and use your wrist instead of your thumb to apply the twisting motion.

Many people will complain that twisting the throttle at full can cause sore wrists. Riding at full speed for a long time, turning the throttle tends to make the rider's wrist tired and sore.

Another disadvantage of full-twist throttles is that they are most likely accidentally engaged. Because the throttle continues to the end of the handlebar, scratching the handlebars of a wall, door, or even other nearby bikes can cause the motorcycle to accelerate unexpectedly, hurting an unprepared rider by rushing out.

Plus, the twist throttles extend to the end of the handlebar, leaving little room for other accessories, such as using a handlebar-end mirror, which isn't possible.

Half twist throttles

Half-twist throttles operate precisely the same way as full-twist ones, except they don't go all the way to the end of the handlebar. They are about halfway there. The missing half of the half-twist throttle is replaced with a matching rubber grip that doesn't twist. It remains firmly attached to the handlebar.

Half-twist throttle is safer than full-twist because it doesn't affect the throttle when scraping over obstacles, and because it doesn't reach the end of the handlebar, accidental engagement is less likely.

The design of the half-twist throttle solves the problem of wrist fatigue. During full-throttle acceleration, the rider can grab the throttle with three fingers and place two fingers on the rubber grips that are securely attached to the handlebars. This grip prevents the half-twist throttle from bouncing back to the zero-throttle position and allows you to grip the handlebars instead of your wrist muscles. This position is more comfortable on long rides and reduces or eliminates fatigue with the thumb or wrist.


The thumb throttle is operated with the thumb. It has a small lever next to the handlebar. The thumb throttle is known to be the least convenient of all three. One thing I like about the thumb throttle is that it rarely interferes with the brake lever or torsion bar. It only sometimes intervenes with the lever shifter, but it's easy to manage.


  • Freedom On Accessories 

The thumb throttle allows for maximum mounting of other accessories on the handlebar as it takes up very little space. They also allow you to use any handlebar cover you want, as they don't reach the end of the handlebar.

  • Slightly Higher Safety

An unexpected advantage of the thumb throttle is a slightly higher safety profile. Other accelerators are more likely to engage unexpectedly in some unexpected situations or emergencies.


The main disadvantage of thumb throttles is thumb fatigue. This doesn't sound like a severe problem, but after long full-throttle rides, many people complain that their thumbs get sore and tired from holding the throttle stick. Because, unlike other throttle types that spread the load over the entire hand, the thumb throttle puts the full force of the return spring on the thumb.

So, what type of throttle would you choose?

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