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If you or a loved one has reached an honorable age, then an e-bike is the perfect tool to help with mobility. There are many benefits for the elderly when riding a modified e-bike. Here are some:


- Protects the knee joints

- Prevents and treats hypertension

- Prevention of brain aging


We recommend riding a modified e-bike a few times a week. Cycling for the elderly improves blood circulation in the knee joints, which helps to improve cartilage tissue, and also increases muscle strength, which helps protect the knee joints.


Consistent weekly riding can make the heart muscle strong, also it can effectively increase the lung capacity, so that the elasticity of the blood vessel wall is enhanced, which can reduce the hardening of blood vessels, and has certain benefits for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.


Cycling is a heterolateral dominant exercise. The alternate pedaling of our legs allows the left and right sides of the brain to be exercised at the same time, so regular cycling can prevent premature brain failure in the elderly.


More importantly, you will be able to rediscover the vibrant life experience of a young person -- Imagine a scene where you ride a modified e-bike over all kinds of terrains.


There are two models for ESOUL BIKE products. One is the power-assisted mode, with which our effective power system can make the journey quite easy. Imagine you could enjoy the pleasure of a riding experience by the sea while gaining moderate cycling exercise to build up your body's muscles. If you get tired after a long journey, don’t worry! With the assistance of our pure electric mode, your legs can take a break -- it requires no pedaling at all.


This is a seventy-two-year-old male from New Zealand. He has had serious health challenges and now he is improving his health through e-biking. He has undergone several surgeries in the past ten years, but he still loves cycling. The e-bike not only helps him save energy but also helps him to stay fit and to continue to ride as he likes.


Electric bikes allow older couples to continue to travel together. It’s easy with ESOUL BIKE conversion kits to modify normal bikes. The range of a 450Wh Motor is 45 KM-80 KM for 250W bikes. It is a great choice for short-time rides.


Many older people need to rely on relatives' help for getting around but with an e-bike, older people can keep on moving freely. Daily grocery shopping and other trips are easy to do with a modified e-bike. ESOUL BIKE offers two conversion kits for tricycles. These two conversion kits are suitable for everyday trips and short journeys.

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