Commuting By Ebike: What I Learned

Commuting By Ebike: What I Learned

With a large backpack on my shoulder, an water bottle in one hand and my helmet in the other, I walk into my work building each day energized and glowing, excited to start my day. I stroll down the hallway, passing my colleagues who are all in poor spirits at their desks. But every day I have a big bright smile on my face.

My colleagues are exhausted and have oversized coffee mugs on their desks. Their bloodshot eyes are sunk deep into their faces. Few of them are smiling. They were trying to recover from a crowded commute. They seem beaten, and the day has just begun.

In fact, I had just ridden my e-bike for an hour. I was refreshed by the wind, my heart was racing because I was well hydrated since I had already had a jug of water, and I was definitely awake and ready to take on the new day.

My secret is commuting by electric bike, my dutch ebike. Not only does riding an e-bike not use up too much of my energy, but he makes for a proper workout that keeps me happy, energized, and full of life. We e-bike riders want everyone to know what we know. So I'm going to tell you why I ride my bike to work, and I hope to try to convince you to do the same.

1. Health and Exercise

The fact that some of us die of heart disease much younger than expected is likely due to a sedentary lifestyle and a severe lack of exercise in our lives. I just want to say that commuting to work on an electric bike is really good exercise and it makes me happy.

There are a few hills on my commute and my 250 watt esoulbike e-bike kit is enough to allow me to conquer them without bringing my heart rate to the red zone of 165 beats per minute. This was the perfect cardio workout for me for the entire route. It means I can get in a long cardio workout every day, but it doesn't make me sweat profusely on the way to work. This is a big reason why I bought the esoulbike e-bike kit. I wear a cotton layer in the fall and winter, and a thin cycling suit in the spring and summer. I may push a little harder on the ride home and keep my heart rate in the red zone for a while, but this keeps me extra relaxed on the way home from work. This 250 watt e-bike wheel allows me to get to and from work faster than a regular bike. In fact, I whizzed past all the bicyclists I met on the road.

2. Commuter Traffic

I live in a remote suburb, but I work in the heart of the city and spend an average of 2-3 hours a day stuck in commuting traffic. Sometimes I drive to work, so when I listen to the traffic report on the radio in my car and hear reports of heavy traffic on I-95 and I-66 at 5:30 am, all I can do is shake my head in frustration and "laugh out loud with pleasure" . Even in the early morning hours, getting ahead of the traffic can be a challenge. When I'm driving, it was destined to be a losing battle. But commuting by e-bike is a different story. When I commute by bike, I can leave a little later. I spend some time researching faster routes and enjoying the scenery along the way, and it becomes fun to race my coworkers to and from work. I love zipping down the bike path at 20+ mph while cars are stuck in traffic. My co-workers might say, "Hey, I saw you fly by me yesterday afternoon!" They ask me what time I'll be home and can't believe my answer - I can't believe I got home before them. When I ride my bike, I feel like a traffic winner. Since I started commuting by e-bike a few years ago, I've come to realize that it's not as rare as I thought. I may feel like a loner, riding alone every day, but the statistics show that we are a growing community and more and more people are joining the group.


The rise in energy prices has forced us to start saving money. At least I think we all do. And so do you, right? Here, the statistics on saving money by commuting by bike work in our favor. According to the Transportation Authority and, the average cost of a car is €8,951 per year. However, I think the cost savings per mile is even greater. Biking to work costs 0.1 euros per mile, while vehicle commuting costs 5.9 and 7.6 euros. That's a huge cost difference.

I ride an electric bike, so some might say my cost is much higher, but the truth is it's not that much higher. The esoulbike e-bike kit I purchased cost 469 Euros and will last me for years of riding and daily battery charging. The only thing I need to replace is the battery, and that's after about 1500+ charges. The cost of a new e-bike battery system is about 300€, which would be on the high side if I replaced one battery per year, but the truth is that a battery will last about 2 years. Each charge costs about 0.2€. So my commute costs only a few cents more per mile than a regular bike.

Another positive is that I can ride my old bike because my e-bike kit will fit any bike. My favorite is an electric cargo bike that lets me take the kids everywhere. It only requires some routine maintenance because the wear and tear is not as noticeable. My rides are shorter, and the wear and tear on the chain as well as my knees when going uphill is not as bad, but I still get a workout.

In fact, I save thousands of euros a year by riding my electric bike to work, money that will eventually go towards my children's education and retirement investments. This makes me very happy.


Since transportation is one of the major obstacles to workplace productivity, this is the perfect tool to upgrade your commuting pattern. Getting to your workplace on time without breaking a sweat is very enjoyable. It is also very efficient to not have to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. I hope the above information will help you realize the importance of having an electric bike. You can consider the esoulbike company as the brand has built a good reputation for quality kits and has a very responsible after sales team. Make commuting more fun and easy by contacting the e-bike consulting team at today.

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