The 5 Best e-bike conversion kits for exploring the great outdoors

The 5 Best e-bike conversion kits for exploring the great outdoors

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Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular - and for good reason. E-bikes are easier to pedal and less time-consuming than traditional bikes. But you can still get as much exercise on an e-bike as you would on a traditional bike. Secondly e-bikes are also becoming more accessible and cheaper due to advances in technology and more people interested in alternative modes of transportation. But no e-bike is cheaper than the bike you already own. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, live in a small space or practice minimalism, then repurposing what you already have could be a win-win decision. So if you like your current ride, but want to add some power for uphill or power your cargo bike for a load, then with an electric bike converter kit, you can do it. To power up your bike, you'll need batteries, sensors, controls and an electric wheel or drive unit.

Best electric bike conversion kits available now


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Capacity : 7Ah (21km /13mi or up to 50km/30mi when ridden economically))

Torque: 40Nm

Compatibility: : Rim brake and disc brake with 100mm quick release dropouts

Wheel sizes: Each wheel is custom built – specify your required size at checkout (Bromptons also catered for)


+Very simple to set up

+Sleek design

+Relatively lightweight


-Shorter range

The Swytch system is one of the simplest conversion kits available, and the cheapest. The motor is located in the front hub, which is very discreet, and the battery pack is located in a bag attached to the front of the handlebars, which is very light and compact.

This setup makes it one of the simplest front hub conversion kits available, although it does mean that the battery size is somewhat smaller than other systems that mount the battery in the main triangle or in the rear rack. You may only get 21 km on a single charge, although this could be as high as 50 km with more efficient use of assistance and flat terrain. That said, if you're using the system for commuting, it's easy to remove the battery pack and take it with you to recharge.

Excellent customer support makes this one of the best kits for newbies unfamiliar with e-bikes.


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Capacity : 11.6 -17.5Ah options (45km/28mi -68/km42mi)

Torque: 65NmCompatibility: Disc brake with a quick release axle

Wheel sizes: 20", 26", 27.5"/650b, 28"/700c


+Good value

+Less bulky


-Could do with better instructions

Bafang is an established manufacturer of e-bike motors and offers a front hub-based motor kit if you don't like the bulky profile created by a mid-motor conversion system. You can purchase this kit and then select the power pack that fits - choose either the down tube or rear rack mount version.

The setup follows the same principles as most front-wheel e-bike conversions. First, you set up the wheel with the disc rotor, tire and inner tube and install it into the bike. Then connect the pedaling sensor - which tells you when you're pedaling and need help - then connect the battery and LCD and you're ready to go!

It's worth keeping in mind that while this conversion kit is available in many different wheel sizes, it is only compatible with bikes that have front disc brakes. If your disc brake bike is a newer, more expensive model, it may not be compatible, so it's worth checking first.

Remember that in EU e-bike legislation, e-bikes must not exceed 250 watts of power output and should not be propelled at speeds above 25 km/h - you must ensure that you choose the correct model with the relevant restrictions.

EBIKELING Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

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Motor Torque:30Nm Efficiency >82%

Motor Magnets:46

Peak Power:1.45kW



+Relatively cheap

+Complete motor wheelset


-Batteries sold separately

Ebikeling has a wide variety of kits, many of which have some very cool and unique features. The first thing you'll notice is that the kits that Ebikeling primarily offers are different in construction than most other brands.

Instead of just an add-on part that you can put on your existing bike, Ebikeling offers a complete rim that you can actually transfer the tire to and then install on your bike. This actually simplifies the installation because most of the kit is already prepared for you. The kits they offer are complete except for the battery which is sold separately.

The options they offer in their kits mainly include motors up to 1500 watts. Although, they do sell an impressive 3000w option.Most e-bikes don't need this, but it may be a good option for a small percentage of e-bikes. You can also choose between rear or front mounting, LED or LCD display, and thumb or twist throttle.

Another very desirable feature that Ebikeling offers is that many of their kits are waterproof. Even the non-waterproof options are waterproof.


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Range:12+ miles

Speed:16 mph


+Variable speed throttle

+Customizable wheel size

+High torque


-Not equipped with display

If you are looking for an affordable front wheel e-bike conversion kit for your bike, you might consider replacing the old front wheel with a hilltopper 26" wheel. Or you can customize the wheel size. Fortunately, you can keep the old tires if they are compatible, and for DIYers, you will find it very easy to install and you probably won't spend more than an hour.

It has a 250-watt motor, a 36-volt battery, and 5.4 amps. Small and compact with a high torque to size ratio, this motor delivers a top speed of 18 mph and higher pedaling speeds. Torque is approximately twice the power of the average human pedal.

This model comes with a 36V 5.4 Ah lithium-ion battery. Riding range is 12-16+ miles depending on the amount of pedaling you do and the terrain. This battery fits almost any bike, quirky or wacky thing. Its small form factor and simple design make the Sprinter our lightest kit.

Another great feature of this model is the variable speed throttle, which allows you to control how much help the motor gives you. Very easy to use and built to last.


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Power: 1500w

Rated Speed:45-55km/h

Torque: 70nm

Compatibility: Most bike without heavily treaded tyres


+All-in-one unit very quick and easy to fit

+Compatible with huge range of bikes

+Relatively cheap

+Regenerative braking


-Not compatible with hydraulic brakes

Last, but not the least, of our list is the 48V 1500W model by esoulbike. As the title implies, it packs a 1500-watt capacity motor that enables your bike to reach a rated 45 km/h on a free road. We were impressed by the build quality of the components coming with the package.

The firm central controller is built from aluminum alloy ensures fantastic control during riding at different speeds.

The LCD display is elaborate enough to show all the necessary information at one glance. You are getting the readings of  speed,gear and mileage. The gear indicator is a convenience appreciated by most bikers.  You will also be able to adjust the speed and mode to maintain different riding styles.

This kit plays a role in protecting the environment by energy conservation. It uses electricity instead of burning fossil fuels and thus reduces CO2 generation.


Finding the best Ebike conversion kit for your needs means that you need to find the kit that will fit your bike frame, your current needs, and your budget.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for users to do their research when planning on buying an Ebike conversion kit in order not to end up with a poor quality product or one that doesn’t meet all of their expectations.

It’s also hugely important that you measure your bike in advance and check those measurements against the kit you plan to buy to ensure you’re getting the right fit.

Many companies offer excellent returns policies, so if you’re unhappy with what you’ve bought and familiar with Ebikes, it’s well worth getting a kit with a returns policy.

These are what I think are the 5 best conversion kits for 2022.What are the best conversion kits you have used? You can contact us via email or Facebook to share your stories and show your coolest ebike.

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