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250w hub motor, is that enough?

    The 250w motor is the most commonly used motor on commercially available electric bicycles. They are very popular in Europe, and in many countries, the power of electric bicycles is limited to 250w


What constitutes a 250w hub motor?


    250w hub motors are generally geared motors, which means that they have planetary gear reduction functions so that the motor rotates at the best RPM. This makes the motor more efficient than the simpler direct drive hub motor. A 250w planetary gear means a motor with greater torque and higher efficiency.


The advantages of a 250w motor



  • Light weight. The biggest advantage of these 250wmotors is that they add very little weight to your bike. The weight of the general motor is only 2-3kg, which has little effect on bicycles. Now even smaller and lighter 250w motors are produced.
  • Very small. It is difficult to identify even when mounted on the front wheels, they look almost as big as standard wheels. In the rear wheel, they are perfectly hidden behind the rear sprockets and disc brakes.
  • Very quiet. Geared hub motor free wheels are like ordinary bicycles (but regenerative braking is impossible)
  • The quality is guaranteed and super reliable. Since 250wmotors have been mass-produced and tested on the mass market, they are very reliable.
  • Cheap



    When is 250w enough?


        Generally speaking, a 250w motor is sufficient for riding in a city, and it can satisfy your daily commute. The 250w motor kit provides good performance for people weighing up to 90 kg on flat terrain, and provides better cruising range per charge. Its compactness and lightness also further reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Therefore, 250w is enough for daily commuters and elderly people looking for lighter electric bicycles

        Because of the lower torque, they provide less assistance on hillsides and may require hard pedaling. The acceleration is very slow, and the motor will be damaged after repeated use on the mountain. As long as you stick to the paved road, you can still use it normally in hilly areas.

        eSoulbike sells 250w kits to meet everyone's daily needs, road bikes, city bikes, tricycles can be used, in order to equip with different needs, also prepared a variety of batteries, tube batteries, rack batteries are available for selection

        When you do not meet the speed of 25km/h or want to climb a mountain, you need a more powerful motor to meet your needs.In response to this demand, eSoulbike also provides a 1500w motor, the motor speed of 1500w power can reach 45-55km/h, and such a large power also provides power for climbing.



        In short, a 250w motor kit is enough for ordinary adults. Not only is it within the legal scope of all countries/regions, but it is also lightweight, inexpensive, provides more mileage, is reliable, and feels exactly the same as an ordinary bicycle. In addition, it is very suitable for exercise with a little help.

        But if you are not satisfied with its performance, need to go uphill or need a higher speed; just upgrade to a higher-power electric bike. However, with the extra power, weight, and speed, you need to be more cautious when navigating in heavy traffic.

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