eSoulbike loves our planet
eSoulbike Story

Here at eSoulbike, we care for our planet and innovation that improves our environment. Our unified mission is to provide green transportation alternatives to everyone. This is why we have worked tirelessly for more than ten years to bring people products to help them travel and commute in a fun, safe, and ecological way.

eSoulbike loves our planet

Today, electric bikes are still relatively new inventions and people continue to enjoy their classic analog bicycles. - And while we also love cycling - studies have shown that people who have electric bikes tend to use them more in their daily life.

We believe that this is due to the convenience and increased travel distance that an e-bike makes possible. This is because there are more practical abilities with electric bikes and can allow riders to comfortably get around without having to use too much physical energy all the time.

Maybe your destination or place of work is a little bit too far away or carrying your equipment takes too much effort if you need to pedal the whole way - so you choose to use public transport or a car instead of your bike.

This is the reason why we want to help people to convert their existing bicycles to electric ones using our high-power electric bike conversion kits. Using an e-bike conversion kit is simple and efficient. Cyclists can enjoy all of the original qualities of their favorite bike while adding on the modern features of an electric bike.

eSoulbike loves our planet
Our Values

Our company is built on shared values. We believe in our mission and want to spread it to everyone around us.

Care for Our Planet

Confidence in Our Products and Company

Respect to Our Riders

Kind to Our Customers

Trust in Our Team