eSoulbike's STORY

Born out of a shared love of good design and quality products, we create considered solutions fit for the modern lifestyle. Always driven by passion, we work to empower others to live the same way.


A Green Travel Solution

Electric is the soul of our e-bike. A good electric system can make our travel more convenient and smooth. esoulbike is committed to providing the most cost-effective e-bike solutions to end-users, from the factory directly to the end-user, eliminating the middleman link, with more favorable prices, guaranteed quality, and higher service efficiency;

esoulbike has been working on the European e-bike market for many years and understands the needs of end-users very well.

esoulbike is created for this purpose! Although e-bikes are becoming more and more mature in the European market, it is still very expensive to buy a good quality e-bike. esoulbike provides a high-quality electric system, which, when paired with the user's high-quality bike, can outperform e-bikes on the market that cost 1500 Euros. esoulbike , keep your favorite, make it better!

Fast delivery and good service. questions were answered quickly. everything works great.